What if you really didn’t pick up the past or your stories?


Jul 21, 2020


Tomorrow is the very last day to register for the group launch 40-Day (started June 20, 2020): – we are still in the 3-Day Prep Phase – so there is still time to get in here. 

What if today was Day One for you – and the past really was over????

I love that line A Course in Miracles that there is no connection to the past.

“The one wholly true thought one can hold about the past is that it is not here. – A Course in Miracles

And yet ….. we bring the past with us every single day, right???

We wake up and think:

I have no money.
I have no job.
I tried that and it didn’t work.
No one loves me.
I’m alone.
I made a huge mistake.
Nothing is ever going to change
That person hurt me.
That person said a hurtful thing to me.
That person did a hurtful to me.

And we pick the past up every morning!!!

That’s the power of God right there – only it’s being used in a totally destructive way.


When you woke up in the morning, you didn’t bring your past with you?????

You might say: well, I really have no money!! That’s not the past. That’s now. I really have no job. I really have no prospects. There really is no hope for me. That’s not the past. That’s my current reality.

And your day begins.

But WHAT IF ….



you started the day by declaring I’m not helpless and weak and frail and limited.


You started the day in joy.

WHAT IF … you decided ….

This is a new day – the past is over – this is my new beginning. This is a day filled with endless possibilities for joy, gratitude, appreciation, risk-taking, laughter, adventure, expression, relaxation and peace.

Imagine the day you would have!

If you are ready to let the past go, I just wanted to remind you that the 40-Day Program begin today and the registration for it closes tomorrow.

It’s free.

There are 2020 people in there!!! Which I think is amazing. 2020 people in the year 2020!!!

I love you.


Register here:

There is a private Facebook 40-Day group (I’m still off FB through July) but I’ll be going LIVE with Cyndi Krupp every Monday morning at 9am EST for about 20 minutes through these 40 days – on Zoom but broadcast in the Facebook Group.

And also we have Zoom webinars during these 40 days – we did one yesterday that was amazing and there is a recording. And you get that when you register.

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