The 40-Day Program for Transformation


Here is a video from me, describing the 40-Day Program. 

Message from Lisa:

I am happy you are here.

Are  you ready for change? If yes, please watch the video above – I describe the 40-Day Program in 10 minutes.

The video will give you a good idea if this program is for you or not.

Once you have watched the video, if you like what you see and you are ready to commit to 40-Days with me, register here:

40 days is a perfect amount of time to see dramatic change in your life.

It’s also the amount of time that Moses, Jesus and Buddha took to undergo a full transformation.

Now, no one I KNOW has the luxury of going away for 40 days to a desert, a mountain or to sit under a bodhi tree – or even to go away to a retreat center. 

Plus I don’t think it’s necessary to go sit under a tree or go to a mountain or to leave your life. 

That’s why I created this online program so you can do it at home.

I love committing to a block of time to see what new exciting things emerge.

I’m convinced that the changes that took place in Moses, Buddha and Jesus came from their DECISION to live in a new way. 

They were DETERMINED to walk away from their old life and then to sit quietly in trust until they knew the truth.

I’m also convinced that the single most important thing you can do is SAY YES.


You’ll receive a video and message from me every day for 40 days (with 3 days or preparation – so 43 days total)

Join me.

This is an invitation to shift your thinking to love AND THEN to hold yourself consistently in that state of mind for 40 days. 

Do you have any idea HOW FAST miracles occur when you change your mind to think with God, and then stay consistently in this new place?

Most people have no idea how quickly problems, pain and sickness disappear because they didn’t know their thoughts and their physical experience were connected

I can’t make any promises of how much you will change because the amount of change that occurs depends on you.

Are you in?

I’m in. I AM ALL IN!

Join me.


About the 40-Day Program:

It’s a commitment you make to yourself – to live in a whole new way for 40 days.

It’s a spiritual commitment – a spiritual discipline to know yourself and to know God.

It’s a direct experience of the power and presence of God in your life – you will see miracles with your own eyes and through your own personal experience.

You will not be able to predict what happens. (My favorite part!)

Instead of asking others for advice, you will seek guidance from your Inner Teacher.
At first, you might feel discomfort & resistance – remember your commitment and to trust.

No stories.

This is about discovery, not trying to make something happen. This is about allowing.

Go all the way.

You will become aware of your chattering mind and learn how to not let it run your life anymore.

You will realize you have the ability to be happy in all circumstances, no matter what is going on.

You will develop a new practice of being quiet and going within.


The 3 Parts of the 40-Day Program:

1. Releasing the Past and Making a Commitment: Lisa begins by inviting you to come in with a clean slate. Stop telling your story, make room for miracles. Then, you make a commitment. No matter what comes up during this process, (no more excuses) you will keep going. Now, you’re going to give yourself the attention you deserve. Period.

2. Developing a Relationship with God: You have an inner-guide who loves you. Yes, YOU! Is that hard for you to believe? Shouldn’t you check this out? It’s time to listen. Only in this way can you know God personally and have a whole new way to see yourself. Who doesn’t want that for Pete’s sake?

3. Purpose and Abundance: Don’t you want to discover your purpose and then give your whole heart and soul to it? Then you can start tapping into the glorious abundance that’s available to all of us. There is a flow of loving, giving and receiving. Is your flow clogged? You can dissolve those blockages using your very life, right now, as your toolbox.

About Lisa Natoli

I always like to say that I’m a temporary guide – until you find and know your own Inner Guide.

A few things about me:

  1. I love life. I love people. I feel most alive when I am doing something new that stretches me out of my comfort zone.
  2. I underwent a spiritual awakening that rocked my world and I am happy & grateful to share the things I learned along the way that might be helpful to you

And I put a lot of into this 40-Day Program for you.

I hope to save you time, so you don’t have to make all the mistakes I made. I point out the tripping points and stumbling blocks – so in that sense, I really am like a guide on the path, to shine a light for you.

  1. My life was transformed by the grace of God and by A Course in Miracles. I was alcoholic, depressed and a food addict. Every day I lived in fear and I thought this was normal. I began to make it a daily practice to shift into Christ consciousness, to set aside time every day to sit quietly with God, to be still and remember the truth, and to live in gratitude. Almost immediately I lost my desire for cigarettes and alcohol (on the same day, March 29, 2001). As I stayed consistent in identifying with love, addiction, sickness and depression fell away. It was as if they dropped away from me like big chunks of ice drop off an iceberg and just float away.

For me, enlightenment was a moment when I stopped seeking ways to improve myself. It was a moment of recognition of “I am Spirit.” It was a moment of clarity when I become aware that the light was in me. I was the light! And that all my attempts to change and improve myself were ridiculous. I didn’t need to change anything. I simply needed to accept my innocence and perfection and to declare the truth about myself, as often as I could remember. I was so used to putting myself down for so many years, that it was a jolt to discover that I am a child of God. I have found that if you have a willingness to forgive and to see things differently, to remind yourself often of the truth that you are loved and lovable, pure light, you can change your life.

  1. I had major super resistance to any and all Christian terminology – God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Christ and anything remotely resembling these ideas. I went kicking and screaming in a life with Christ. So if this sounds like you and you have resistance, excellent! You are in the right place! Welcome to the club. This is not a religious program. I am not a religious person. I’m a person who is in love with life, and wants others to find their way like I did.

I will be inviting you to experiment with practical down-to-earth ideas directly on your own so you can find out for yourself – first-hand – what God is to you. That’s how I learned and that’s how I teach.

Direct experience is the way to go.

One guy took the 40-Day Program who is a minister for 30 years who went to theology school with advanced theology degrees and he wrote to me after he took the 40-Day Program and said: My whole life I have known all about God. After taking the 40-Day Program, now I KNOW God.

Best compliment ever, right? That’s what I want for everyone who takes this program. I want you to have a face-to-face encounter with the Love you are.

I want you to know how loved and lovable you are. I want you to know the Presence and Power and Intelligence and Grace of God that heals all things. I want you to encounter it directly, for yourself.

The #1 goal I have in mind for anyone who signs up for this program is to start relying on their own inner Guide for answers. I am a temporary guide (for 40 days) to show you how to start trusting in your own Guide who knows you inside & out and will give you the very best answers, way better than I can give to you. I can only answer based on what you tell me, but your own Guide knows everything about you, and knows the greater Plan and the Big Picture and that in the beginning it can be a whole new experience to begin listening to that still small voice within you.

I am here as a temporary guide — 40 Days — to keep turning you in that direction and to see what comes of that.

This program is about God-dependency — not Lisa-dependency, not anything-outside-of-you-dependency.

It is about learning to turn within and beginning to trust in the still voice within.



What People Are Saying About The 40-Day Program:

“Goosebumps all over, incredibly humbled. Unbridled love stirring from the core of my being.” ~ Kaki Devizia

“I always wished for a life of happiness but somehow it eluded me. Now I can honestly say I wake up excited for the surprises in store for me in the day. How awesome is THAT!” ~ Monica Lupu


Day 40, my life has changed. I am not the person who started this program. This has been the hardest but easiest course I have ever completed. I now realize that nothing is ever a mistake. Thank you Lisa Natoli for this beautiful life-changing program. J Elizabeth Gallimore

I almost can’t remember the person I was before this program. I know the way “she” would have reacted to situations that arose in her life would have caused more drama and angst. However, “she” is no longer here. I AM… I am calmer, I feel more at peace and I realize now that even those people that are trying to hurt me are a part of me, ‘us’ and I love them and bless them. Thank you Lisa for this opportunity, for reminding me who I am and that “we” are all one. Can’t wait to see where my path leads me as I listen to and follow God.
Bless you. Reva Haskin


“I feel joy…. nothing but joy. I’ve cried at the realization that joy is all there is and I can feel God beside me. Thank you!” ~ Gemma Garbett

I get excited to get up and listen to Lisa! I take notes and then journal and do my gratitude list.  My anxiety is gone. Lucinda Kimble

Every day feels like Christmas morning! I bounce out of bed wondering what the day’s video and message will be!

This program in every way has been life-changing…the sharing, Lisa’s sacred messages and guidance, and feeling the fear-based energy within me slowly disintegrating and the peace and Light seeping back into my heart and my Soul and permeating the energy around me. The stories within and around changing naturally by doing this work. I’ve really been feeling the love in my heart with the daily lessons and tears in my eyes each day with Lisa’s “I love you”. Thank God. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa. Deb Card

Holy moly, this stuff really stays with you, even if you think it does not. I completed the 40 days few days ago, literally fighting every step towards the end. Today while re-connecting with some friends I’ve not seen, I was being soooo loving…. and I thought OMG, I’m becoming LISA (no offense Lisa, but when you used to say I Love you at the end of each session, there were days it just irritated me and I thought, what is this lovey dovey stuff) So Today, I was doing it…I guess I’m not the same person who started the course, cuz now I’m trying to look beyond the mask into the holiness! I actually said “I love you guys” and did the Namaste thing with my hands! Thinking afterwards, who is this loving being??? Thing is, people were touched, I could see it so touched their hearts and allowed them to step into their light. Shedding some of my illusions (some mind you, lol) opened up more of the real being that I am. A loving creation of GOD, here to be the LIGHT of the world and be a living reminder….whoa, that was so profound, I’m still amazed and just had to share. Eliz Huwiz

“This is the most comprehensive and totally fun synthesis of A Course in Miracles that I have ever seen or practiced.  I have been both a teacher and a student of A Course in Miracles for over 30 years and this sent me over the top!  I shared it with both life long students and teachers and with friends who do not even know about A Course in Miracles and it has helped every one of them to emerge free of conflict. Lisa is a Christed teacher and her certainty compels joining. The order and pace of the 40 day program was like a Boot Camp for full on Christ consciousness here and now. I feel the 40-Day Program is a very intentional part of the “celestial speed-up” Jesus speaks about in A Course in Miracles. It has a quickening factor that is Miraculous. The teachings are simplified and demonstrated by Lisa so well that they become more accessible than I have ever experienced them myself.”    — Vicki Thomas

“I will forever be grateful to the Teachers of God Foundation for helping me shift from a life of fear and shifting perceptions to one of love and certainty, this wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support given me during my participation of the 40 day transformation program and the 6 month certification program and from Lisa. I had spent 10 years studying A Course in Miracles but hadn’t found a consistent experience of the truth contained within, through their gentle but sure guidance the Teachers of God foundation showed me that not only was this possible but inevitable as they encouraged me to awaken from my old dream of strife and struggle into my true reality of love and certainty.”    — Ant Hellier

“The 40 Day Program is a systematic way of recognizing your wholeness through the removal of the obstacles that permeate one’s thinking mind. Thoughts about ourselves that have stayed with us all our lives as patterned thinking are brought to the surface so that they can be revealed for what they are. Nothing more than a thin veil over our true thoughts of our own magnificence and oneness. Each day of the 40 days is dedicated to a different theme that specifically challenges these old ideas and culminates in a transformation of mind that allows the individual to experience a healing of these thought patterns. In 40 days discover who you truly are and you will never be the same again.”    — Max Just

“Dear Lisa, This 40-Day Program is amazing !!! Thank you. You have such a beautiful gift of extending love and light and an incredible way of explaining the message of A Course in Miracles in a way that is simple, practical and fun – and for encouraging people to go for it!”

“I signed up for the Jan. 1st 40-day program, backed by my (now nightly) pledge and intention to live for: God over ego, Love over fear, health over illness, abundance over lack, peace over conflict and joy over sorrow.  And miracle after miracle has followed. I have never experienced this kind of happiness or peace before ever in my life.”      — Ardith

“Before the 40-Day Program, even though I have been A Course in Miracles student for 13 years, I was wrestling with addiction, low self worth, depression and codependency.  Shortly after the program my desire for mind altering substances dissipated.  This week, I feel it’s time to leave my 10 year relationship which has been steeped in codependency.”    — Shon

“At the latter end of 2015 I signed up for the 40-Day Program, which commenced on the 1st January 2016. At the time that I put my name down for the course, my understanding was that the course was designed to deepen my spiritual connection; and that’s all I knew about it. Interestingly, I had first purchased a copy of the textbook ‘A Course in Miracles’ (ACIM) about 23 years earlier. I had made numerous attempts to read and understand the ACIM textbook but without success. It invariably ended up back on my bookshelf, gathering dust. Time and time again I gravitated back to it but it seemed an impossible task for me to decipher it. So, I’m sure that you can imagine my surprise when I realized that the 40-Day Program was actually based on ACIM. But there’s another twist to the story – about 9 years ago, at a very dark time in my life, I developed a great affinity with the Divine Mercy (Jesus). And so the pieces of the puzzle finally came together when I learned through the 40-Day Program that ACIM is directly influenced by Jesus. It’s no wonder that over the years, I kept going back to the ACIM textbook – my heart and soul knew what my mind was unable to see. If it hadn’t been for the Teachers of God Foundation, and, in particular, Lisa Natoli’s amazing vision and generosity – this opportunity may never have come my way. I simply can’t recommend the 40-Day Program highly enough.”    — Caroline