Recognize your
True Nature

You have the power and ability
to heal anything, end sorrow
and be the happiness & light you are.

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Hi, I'm Lisa. Here on this website you will find teachings to support you in healing from the belief in sickness, separation & suffering so you recognize your true nature which results in joy, freedom, peace and happiness. 

I was on a spiritual path for 25 years, acknowledging God in my life, letting go of grievances and attack thoughts, forgiving everyone and everything. My deepest desire was to "know the Self" - an idea that I had read about in spiritual books.

Even though I was experiencing more happiness with spiritual practices and I was living life in a more conscious loving way, I was still struggling. I would have clear temporary moments of happiness and peace and then fall back into conflict, doubt and fear.

In 2013, I began experiencing flu-like symptoms and extreme pain which slowly over time got worse and worse and was eventually diagnosed as an incurable autoimmune disease. I tried everything to heal, did extreme diets, increased my spiritual devotion and nothing was working. I was stressed out, overwhelmed, and terribly afraid that this was going to be my life forever. 

I felt absolutely hopeless & stuck. 

In 2018, everything changed. 

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"Yesterday on the Zoom call I was sometimes surprised how Lisa responded and answered to what people were sharing. Now I get it. Lisa does not see or hear what I see and hear. She sees the light. And for me a light went on today! Thank you so much." -Anna

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