Aug 05, 2019


I saw this poster on Facebook last night. I didn’t think it was real. The news is saying 3 mass shootings in one week so I thought maybe this poster was made-up so I googled it – I searched every town on this list and sure enough: all these shootings happened this week.

I don’t know how much you will believe in what I say next, but here it is: ALL MINDS ARE JOINED AS ONE.

One mind is in every mind. Those shooters are not separate from your mind. The people who died are not separate. The people injured are not separate. The families of all these people are not separate.

The people currently out there in the world suffering from fear, depression, anger, rage and who are thinking about killing someone or themselves is not separate.

Their mind is your mind!

You don’t have a brain or a mind separate from other people.

So what you think affects them.

And vice versa – which is the reason why it’s important to stay alert so you don’t get sucked down into darkness.

The fact that all minds are joined as ONE is how you have the ability to heal. You have the power to light your mind up with love, peace and joy. When you light up love in YOUR MIND … it happens in THEIR MIND and EVERY MIND.

Let me say that again: When love and gratitude lights up your mind, it goes through every mind.

You don’t have to say anything. You simply shift your thoughts and perception from fear to truth.

This may be brand new information to you. You may be hearing it for the first time, and therefore it may sounds nuts to you. But believe me.

When you access this light within you, you will feel it. When you stay in it, you’ll start to notice that you’re not afraid anymore. This light is real. It dissolves darkness. It dissolves addiction. It dissolves your problems. And then from here, you can know that this light is helping others. It’s reaching them, even if they don’t know it.

“Salvation of the world depends on you.” -A Course in Miracles

This light may not be recognized in another mind in the moment you’re lighting your mind up, but it is ALWAYS doing its work because light is intelligence and it knows what to do.

I know this might sound crazy to some of you, but I don’t care. I’m putting it out there.

In a world of fear, where people read news and stories of hatred and violence and then allow their own minds to get sucked down into darkness, I am calling you to remember the truth – FOR EVERYONE.

In times of darkness, you can be a light in the dark.

You can stay in truth, in joy, in love, centered in God.

You (the light within you) is a healer. Not “you” the personality, not “you” the body image that has a name, but YOU – the light that ripples through every mind, the YOU that is eternal, the YOU that is joined in every mind – YOU – the Love of God – is a healer.

This light is what you are. And this light is I n the mind of everyone who suffers, in everyone who is thinking of picking up a gun, in everyone who is sad, lonely, afraid. This light is in your mind and in their mind – past, present, future, in those not born, and in those who have passed.

And it given to you to focus on this light and let it be your dedication to remember this light, and begin to USE IT to heal, to comfort, to bless and uplift.

I teach A Course in Miracles. It teaches that your holiness is the light that heals. Through your holiness, the Presence of God is made available. Through your holiness, the Power of God is made manifest. And there is nothing the Power of God cannot do.

We are not here to engage in the madness of the world. We are here to remember that we are needed here.

Remember your holiness and innocence today, and know that you have the power to “send” this light to everyone, to everything, to yourself, to your problems, to world difficulties, to world horrors. I put “send” in quotations because you’re not actually “sending” it – you are simply not blocking it anymore with your own fear and judgments. When you don’t block light, it flows all on its own. Light knows what to do. But it doesn’t do anything when you block it.

While you focus on darkness, you are denying the light that is here right now. Denial of light leads to failure to perceive it. You have the power and ability to focus on whatever you choose. You can choose to focus on this light, and only on this light.

When you choose to perceive darkness, you are not perceiving the light. You can’t have both. You must choose where you focus goes: on light. or on darkness.

The light is here, as The Great Healer, and it is within you to use. This is what makes you a co-creator with God. You make a decision to use your life only to heal, only to remember this light, only to remember our shared oneness.

I love every lesson in A Course in Miracles, but right now I am thinking about Workbook Lesson 91: Miracles are seen in light. If you have the book, check it out. It says what I am saying here: Light is crucial – but it is useless to you while you fail to perceive it.

Thus the entire “journey” is to “move” yourself into the light where miracles are seen. They are not seen in the dark which is where most people live.

It takes great vigilance to stay in the light when we hear daily stories of violence and sickness, but it is asked of you – to stay in light, to stay in truth, to stay in gratitude.

Remember that NO ONE who picks up a gun and shoots other people knows what they are doing. No one who says hateful things to themselves and hateful things to others knows who they are or what they are doing. They don’t need condemnation. They need love.

And it is given to us, God’s healers to give them love.

I thank you for reading this message. This is not a time for fear. This is a time for love. Let us light up our minds with love and truth, that those who suffer in darkness remember the truth of who they really are. You have the power to remember that for them as you remember Who You Are.

Thank you, healer. We are joined together in purpose, to remember our holiness which is shared by everyone.


If you like this post and want to dedicate your life and mind to love and healing, please share this post. Thank you.

I love you. 


4 Responses to “A CALL FOR HEALERS!”

  1. Mary says:

    Yes, these thoughts have crossed my mind, many times.

  2. Erleen says:

    Thank You!

  3. I love you Lisa. I feel like I know you personally. Your way of teaching has been very inspirational to me and has motivated me to deepen my study and understanding of ACIM at a very practical level, which is what I have needed throughout the years. Thank you. I will step into my purpose as the light and continue to remove the blocks.

  4. Melisa says:

    Thank you for writing this!

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