Many spiritual people are totally devoted to God and love, but live in poverty and sickness.


Apr 21, 2017


It’s an interesting thing to me that so many people who have dedicated their life to love, to God, to Jesus, to being truly helpful, who are dedicated to a spiritual path and yet … they struggle and have no money.

This was me for a long time. Devoted to God but Broke, Sad and Addicted.

What’s up with this? 

I’m going to be offering a 2-hour FREE webinar on Saturday April 29th from 1-3pm EST to talk about how I went from Broke, Sad and Addicted to a Life of Joy Abundance and Freedom. Click here:

I will be sharing my story of how I dedicated my life to God, went though the whole experience of no money and sickness and healed it all. 

On July 4, 2000 I gave my life to God and 10 days later I lost my job in a New York City publishing office. After I got over the initial shock of being single with no job in New York City, I got excited. I thought: Okay. I’m working for God now. I had no idea what that meant. I had no religious background and zero knowledge of Jesus or any of that. I simply knew that my life was not working the way it had been going, even though I had the appearance of success with a great job in publishing, a great apartment in Park Slope Brooklyn, great friends, vacation time, a 401K. Inside I felt I was dying. I was confused and miserable and I thought if there was a God, that I had nothing to lose by devoting my life to it or him or whatever this thing called God is. I had no reference whatsoever, so I had “beginner’s mind” going for me. I was willing to learn and be teachable and to be shown something brand new.

I have discovered that there really is no order of difficulty in miracles.

About a month after I lost my job in 2000, I devoted my life to A Course in Miracles. Through my work with the ideas in A Course in Miracles, I have healed and dissolved alcoholism, cigarette smoking, pain, depression, suffering, sickness, scarcity & lack (extreme fear around money, which resulted in living paycheck to paycheck and often not having any money for the last week of the month even though I had a great job), food addiction and a life-long addiction to dieting and overeating.

How did the healing occur? I made a decision to see myself in a new way, and things begin to dramatically change.

I made a 100% commitment to:

-Live in joy, all the time

-To forgive everyone and everything, including myself

-Trust in God

-To acknowledge my Inner Guide and ask about everything before making a move or taking any action

-Identify myself  completely as the Light of the world.

The result is a life of miracles, happiness, freedom, abundance, work I love, and a body that is a healthy vibrant instrument in service to Christ (and 50 pounds lighter).

I am going to share my story and the steps I took in a 2-hour free webinar on Saturday, April 29th from 1-3pm EST.

If you are ready to see your life transform, come join me.

Click here to register for free:



6 Responses to “Many spiritual people are totally devoted to God and love, but live in poverty and sickness.”

  1. Ana Holub says:

    You continue to inspire me, dear sister! I will be at the Climate March that day, spreading love, light and gratitude for the Earth. Can I get a download of your talk?

  2. Susan says:

    I’ve registered but it is on at 1am my local time! Will it be available afterwards?

  3. Andrea Steell says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I am 68 have been on this path amny years, however this last break up has left me in a black hole I have great difficulty staying free of. Have been a ACIMstudent for 3 years and on apath for 40 years…………In truth it was probably to alleviate the pain I felt inside from early abuse, no matter it got me on the path and I love Jesus, just feel so lost and abandoned……………….

  4. Linda Ruocco says:

    I see you’ve come a long way since we were together at Jeffrey Mironov’s. I am excited to hear your story since then.

  5. Kathy Bartling says:

    Will this be available for later listening? I volunteer on Saturdays. Thank you

  6. JoAnn Terveer says:

    I would like to do the webinar the 29th. How hard is it to jooin. I have never done one. Also when you ask for website. what is it?

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