Video: Lisa Natoli talk on healing from the “To heal is make happy” Workshop


Jul 28, 2018


You can heal anything. I posted a video – BELOW – a talk I gave this past Saturday at the ‘To Heal is to Make Happy” Workshop in Boston – which is a pre-party to the ACIM Conference that takes place next May 2019 in Boston. I would love to see you there. 

Healing is simple because YOU – the real You, the light, the love, the joy, one with all, one with God – are already healed, whole and perfect. 

The only thing that needs healing are the false beliefs and thoughts “you” hold about yourself as a separate, limited, weak, frail, sad, angry, depressed, sick human being, that thinks its a body. When these thoughts have been corrected and replaced with the truth, healing is automatic. 

Identify with your True Self – the I AM – and watch how quickly the body responds with health. You need do nothing to make the body well, because the body is nothing but a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. You mistook yourself for a body. But you’re not a body. You cannot be sick. Sickness is impossible. 

You are as God created you.

Accept the truth of what you are: One with others, one with God, one with your Self. 

I don’t care how far down you are in sickness, if you are reading this message, then you can heal whatever difficulties, pain, problems, disease or illness that you “think” you have. I put “think” in quotations because that’s the key to healing. Only your thoughts and beliefs are in need of healing. 
When the thoughts of yourself as weak, frail, limited, powerless, separate from others and separate from your Source have been corrected and replaced with the truth, the body responds with health. 
Health and healing is guaranteed. 

The law for healing is already in place, the same way the law for flying airplanes, driving automobiles, turning on light switches, using cellphones and the internet was always in place, we just didn’t know about it until some dedicated individuals were determined to FIGURE IT OUT. Back when we were riding on horses and using candles, many people thought those things were impossible, and now it’s common, no big deal. The law for healing is in place, we just haven’t yet cracked the code on it … YET.

Let’s get this plane off the ground.

Here is my talk from Saturday in Boston: 


PS: If you like this talk, Check out my Events Page and come hang out with me in person. Come join me and many other teachers this coming October 2018 for a long weekend in Stonypoint New York and/or the ACIM Boston Conference in May 2019. 

You can view all the presenters from the Saturday Boston “To Heal is to Make Happy” Workshop here:

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