An invitation to call on the invisible. Also: Marianne Williamson is in the hood! Join us!


Jul 04, 2019


Above is a photo I took on the Camino. Completely unrelated to this post. I just like the photo and the message. It was taken on our last day of the Camino, just a few miles outside of Santiago, Spain: our destination. Someone left this handwritten note,  which is such great advice. Wake Up and Be Here Now.  

But here is the message I wanted to share today: 

I love Facebook memories. Today is July 4, 2019 and when I logged into Facebook this morning I saw a post I wrote 4 years ago, which I want to share with you in this message – below.

It’s for anyone who feels stuck in their life. Turn your attention away from the world and your perceived problems turn your focus to “the invisible” and call on it. Then stay open to what happens.

19 years ago on July 4, 2000 is when my life began. You could say it’s my “real” birthday (which means I need to go buy some cake today to celebrate – lol … seriously).

Here is the post. I hope it inspires you to take some quiet time today to invite God or your guide or your guides to come to you. You are not alone and this Invisible Presence just waits for our invitation.

I updated the date from 15 years ago (when I wrote this post 4 years ago) to 19 years ago, as it it today. Here you go:

19 years ago today I stood in my living room in Park Slope, Brooklyn and called on God and said “God, if you are there, I want to work for you from now on.” I was not a religious person (and still am not). I was just tired of my life and was willing to let go of it, completely. I wanted something new to happen, and I couldn’t seem to make anything change no matter how hard I’d tried. I’d never talked to God before, at least not in any real way that was sincere (I’d called on God hundreds of times before that to get me out of trouble or to do something for me, or bring something to me, as if he was Santa Claus) but that day on July 4, 2000 was a sincere call to make myself available to Him, if He was there (I wasn’t sure) and if he had any use for me. Six days later, on July 10th, I lost my “secure” job in NYC, the one I thought I would never lose, 🙂 and its been a great adventure ever since. He took my life, smashed it up (because it wasn’t working anyways) and gave me a new life of freedom and joy. That experience showed me the SIMPLICITY and POWER of a sincere prayer. It was just one sentence and I turned to God for help. There were no bells or whistles, no candles, no chanting, no yoga postures, no books, no music. It was just a regular day and it took all of one minute to declare my request. It was just me standing in my living room asking sincerely for a new experience, and it came in 6 days. Prayers of the heart are THE MOST POWERFUL THING IN THE WORLD and can change your life completely – but you do have to ask. You do have to be willing for things to shift. This path is not really for the faint of heart, lol. Here Trust me on this one. If you want a true adventure and if you’re ready to give up your attachments, routines and stories, if you want to live spontaneously and passionately, I encourage you to DECLARE YOUR FREEDOM TODAY. Call on God – the Great Unfailing Power and hand over your life. 🙂 HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

I love you.


PS: If you are in the neighborhood of Maine and New Hampshire, Marianne Williamson will be in Eliot Maine and at Unity on the Seacoast in Dover NH tomorrow – Friday, July 5, 2019 – and I’ll be there. 3-5pm and then 5:30pm-7pm. You can check out Marianne’s website for dates and times. Today she is in Concord, New Hampshire at 4pm EST.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about her as a presidential candidate at this point, but I love Marianne. I love her boldness – I love her as a spiritual teacher. I feel tremendous gratitude to her for bringing me to A Course in Miracles – and I feel called to be there tomorrow to support her, to listen, and just to be the light of the world carrying God’s peace and joy to everyone.

And tomorrow morning is the ACIM Friday morning group. I’ll be there for that too. Bill Free is teaching – love that guy!! – answering some of the questions that have been sent into the Teachers of God Foundation. I hope to see you there. Register for the live-stream here: or join us in person in Amesbury, MA.

Greetings from me and Bill, from the Camino, somewhere in Spain. We love you.

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