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Mar 12, 2017

Here is the video from last Friday’s Course in Miracles group. I hope you enjoy it.

This group meets every Friday morning at 10:30am EST and we broadcast every class live-stream which means you can join in from wherever you are by computer or phone.

The recordings from all past classes are at the Teachers of God youtube page.

In this class, I talk about the importance of ASKING EVERYTHING … FROM LIFE.

Do you ask for things from LIFE?

When you are doubting what to do, do you ask for guidance and direction?

Are you aware that LIFE is with you? Do you know that you are never alone and there is an Infinite Wisdom, Power, Presence, Intelligence HERE as you, as the very LIFE of you. All you need to do it begin acknowledging it, joining with it, working with it.

It’s not a person. It’s not an invisible entity. It’s YOU.

Have you thought about that? We ask things of God – as if God is outside of us – and we ask things of the Holy Spirit and of Jesus – but sometimes (often) it seems as if our prayers go unanswered. Why is this? A Course in Miracles says that as soon as  you ask, your request is granted immediately – but so often we are using the body’s eyes and the body’s senses to tell us if we received what we ask for. We have determined the form and outcome from which are prayers should be answered – because of that we are blind to the answer that actually does show up.

That’s in the video.

Also, as always, the topic went into the subject of HEALING.

“Sickness is external searching. Health is inner peace.” -A Course in Miracles

If you are sick in any way, your work is to find out the disturbance/pattern in your mind and heal it by knowing the truth about yourself and to find  your way back to a place of inner peace.

This lovely woman in the video Suzanne Stagner is the one who sent me the two emails I posted a few weeks ago on Facebook who won the new version of A Course in Miracles in my last online workshop for the 40-Day Program for Transformation.

What a total surprise that she showed up in person on Friday!!! That was a little mind-blowing

She tells her story of feeling upset to have not have won the book during the webinar and then to notice the grievance (watching those thoughts like a hawk!) and immediately turned it to gratitude and Congratulate the person who did win the book.  

I would love to hear your comments. You can post them below.

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  1. Lorna says:

    Fabulous….loved the live streaming….I got so much out of this today…thank you

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