Awaken to Love Online Free Conference


There is a FREE online conference Awaken to Love on A Course in Miracles from November 11 – 25, 2018! 

I’m super excited for this event – with brand new interviews and LIVE workshops. I know my own favorite teachers that I am looking forward to – and the other big cosmic surprise that I love is one of the interviewers: James Kelly and you’ll get to see and hear him along with others, who you may have never heard of. Click here to sign up:

I’m in it, along with 100 other speakers and over 100 hours of videos (OMG) on awakening, healing, transformation, awareness, A Course in Miracles, the stumbling blocks and how we can experience awakening together.

It’s totally free.

But you do have to register. Click here: AWAKEN TO LOVE CONFERENCE

There are interviews, live workshops, a Facebook community and Q & A sessions.

On the registration page, you will see the details, a place to register and a list of some of the speakers which includes me (Lisa Natoli), Marianne Williamson, Dr. Bob Rosenthal from the Foundation for Inner Peace, Gary and Cindy Renard, Carol Howe, Bill Free, Tamara Morgan from the Foundation for Inner Peace, Judy Whitson (better known as Judy Skutch), Corinne Zupko, Jennifer Hadley, Jerry & Diane Jampolsky, Maria Felipe, Jon Mundy, Yasuko Kasaki, Regina Dawn Akers and more.

There is also a Facebook page you can join. Simply register and see you there! Register here: Awaken to Love Conference