What kind of day are you going to have? (how about THE BEST DAY EVER)


Jun 22, 2016

What kind of day are you going to have?


You have The Power of Choice to determine the kind of day you are going to have.

Most people get to the END of the day and then look back and think about the kind of day they HAD, based on what happened and how they felt.

This is completely backwards, and not at all intentional.

You will begin to notice that days, weeks, months and years pass and you go NOWHERE.

You keep circling in the same routine, having the same exact kind of feelings and thoughts every day. Nothing much changes. 

A better approach is to wake up in the morning, immediately plug in to joy, and then think about the kind of day you want to have. Spend time with God. Breathe! Relax & Enjoy. Be intentional. Know where you are going. Set the direction for the day at the beginning of the day.

We know where we are going when we get into our cars, and YET … very few people know where they are going in their day, in their life. Isn’t that strange?

Most people have a “let’s-wait-and-see-what-happens” approach.

They wander here and there, in and out of situations, and at the end of the day (at the end of their life) they wonder what the hell happened.

A Course in Miracles gives us a great exercise for having the day you want. Every day.


Think about the kind of day you want.

Make no decisions by yourself.

Acknowledge that you have a Guide – that you are not alone and helpless – and make decisions with your Guide.

This works. Try it for a week.

Here are the instructions (from A Course in Miracles – Rules for Beginning, Text Chapter 30):

“Think about the kind of day you want, and tell yourself there is a way in which this very day can happen just like that. Then try again to have the day you want.

The outlook starts with this:

Today I will make no decisions by myself.

This means that you are choosing not to be the judge of what to do. But it must also mean you will not judge the situations where you will be called upon to make response. For if you judge them, you have set the rules for how you should react to them. And then another answer cannot but produce confusion and uncertainty and fear.

This is your major problem now. You still make up your mind, and then decide to ask what you should do. And what you hear may not resolve the problem as you saw it first. This leads to fear, because it contradicts what you perceive and so you feel attacked. And therefore angry. There are rules by which this will not happen. But it does occur at first, while you are learning how to hear.

Throughout the day, at any time you think of it and have a quiet moment for reflection, tell yourself again the kind of day you want; the feelings you would have, the things you want to happen to you, and the things you would experience, and say:

If I make no decisions by myself, this is the day that will be given me.”

So if you want to have THE BEST DAY EVER, take time now to BE INTENTIONAL. Think about the kind of day you want. Tell yourself there is a way this very day can happen just like that. Make no decisions by yourself.

Have the best day ever.

Give it a try. 


14 Responses to “What kind of day are you going to have? (how about THE BEST DAY EVER)”

  1. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Trevor – thank you for this great message and for tuning into the Love Channel. What you describe is precisely what everyone goes through and the reason why commitment and dedication is necessary – to constantly catch the thought and choose to see differently. “Above all else I am determined to see.” To become aware of your thoughts, feelings, words, language, emotions and judgment – and you are doing it. And to realize there is always another way. Have you done the workbook lessons yet? I offer a one-year audio program that you and your partner might be interested in ACIM 365. It’s a good way to stay on track. All my love to you both, Lisa

  2. Lisa Natoli says:

    Thank you Carmen. I love the Freedom Retreat.

  3. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Manuela – thank you for this beautiful message. Almost always whenever I have wanted to really do something, I didn’t have the money at first. Most of the things I want to do are outside of the range of my comfort zone, and bigger than me. And every single time I have done the same thing: I say I’M DOING IT. There is no question and no doubt. I’m doing it. I don’t know how. But I’m doing it. Usually then I’ll do something to prove that I’m doing it, like signing up. Or I will mark it on my calendar. I’ll pay the deposit if it gives that option (when I went on the Hay House cruise which was $4000 – which I didn’t have at first – and I paid the deposit to reserve my room which was maybe $300 which I did have). I do things like this. I say YES and then I take an action. This is my own personal formula that I use. Recently I said I am becoming a Unity minister, which is a lot of time and money. But I signed up for 3 classes which I am taking in August. This is how it works for me. I get clear on what I want, and then I step in.

  4. Manuela H. says:

    Hey, thanks for your Blog, I really like to read it and it reminds me again… How is it like – if there is not really time to be with God.. I have to get up at 5 a.m and take the train, I try to do the quiet work in the train but often days start kind of hectic….
    I have experienced somedays where I made my decision to have a good day and it all turned out terrible.. is there some hidden unconscious program running?
    I would like to participate in the 6 month program but do not seem to have the financial resources.. is there any solution to this problem…………………………………???

  5. Thomas says:

    Thank you Lisa for sending a beautiful gentle reminder at just the right time. .

  6. Carmen Gonzalez says:

    Thanks for reminder, recently completed your 40 days and it was a great experience. Just got back from Freedom Retreat in the Rockies, still flowing with love.
    Thanks Lisa for all you do

  7. Trevor Guymer says:

    Hi I’m Trevor, Thank you for allowing me to participate in the 40 day course based on ACIM I have noticed changes in me as I watch like a hawk. I am starting my day, and letting go of all the organization, planning, control that I want to do and achieve… I’m trying so hard to just allow The Holy Spirit to guide me, and set up “The Perfect Day” for me… My wife has just finished her 3rd run through the 40 day programme, and here comes the Judgement… She is still experiencing the same old story, I try not to let it affect me, BUT IT DOES! She is my life partner whom I love with all my heart, but she really struggles with change, growing and letting go of Old Habbits… I am trying to form new good habits, but only 2 weeks after the 40day programme I can feel myself slipping back into this lie that is the world we live in…God is my witness, Christ is my saviour and the Holy Spirit dwells in me… YET I JUDGE!!! continually…. It is like my default setting, I sincerely hope this setting looses it’s push button setting on the Trevor radio and I tune into the LOVE CHANEL so much more frequently that the later chanel becomes the true setting… INSTENTANOUSLY EVER DAY!!!

  8. Layne says:

    Lisa, I thoroughly enjoyed the 40 Days and can hardly wait until the ACIM study starts in a couple weeks. Something that would really help me are real life examples that demonstrate the principals. The teachings are so conceptual that sometimes I’m not sure I’m grasping them. I am so very grateful for you and your willingness and skill to bring ACIM to the rest of us. <3

  9. Iraida says:

    Dear Lisa thankyou for this experiencie of the 40 days it had been a beautifull gift to my life remembering how to choose every day to live in the love of God,,and for your example of a person who dedicate to serve other people in the way of a circle of love and light, God bless you

  10. Donna says:

    i do this every morning yet readily admit that reading your blog and the words from ACIM…it sounds different than my head
    Your words are beautiful . Thanks.

  11. This is a principle that absolutely has to made into a habit. I wake up every morning by the grace of god, in which I keep close to my heart. First thing. What is your will for me. Then I proceed throughout the day, blessing all that I do. It keeps me grateful and humble. Most importantly I know in my heart that gods will for me is to guide me forward in truth. So I keep all fear out my mind. I know that the peace, serenty and all the happiness is God given. When I am not in this state of mind it is because I’ve allowed fear to creep in. That unwelcome feeling has to immediately smashed through prayer and meditation. Its a constant effect to what I am thinking and more importantly, what I am feeling. Thank you Lisa Natoli for all your teachings in the course in miracles. This has been a life changer for me. You have been an inspiration to me, along with so many others on my journey. I am blessed. God bless everyone. I love you.

  12. beth says:

    Hi Lisa!
    Thanks for the 40 day program! I was a recent participant and am a changed person! Keep up the good work!
    I see love everywhere I look now, and evidence of the work appearing in unsuspecting places to encourage me.
    One of the surprising changes of doing the 40 days is my husband of 38 years. He is more loving and kind and open, or is that just a reflection of myself!? You will never know all the ways your work (Christ’s work) is manifested in the world! Keep up your good works! Stay in the love, Beth

  13. MARIA LAVIN says:

    I´m from Mexico, and if it´s possible, I prefer to recibe the information in Spanish, because I understand better.
    Thank you for everything, all the things you sent me, has helped me a lot.

  14. Maria Rita Buttignoni says:

    I try very hard. Sometimes I succeed and I feel peace. It’s so beautiful. But sometimes I can’t. I realize I’m judging the situation or my thoughts . Anyway I do it every morning and I ask Queen Mary for help

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