Ready to go beyond the body? You’re already doing it.


Oct 21, 2017


There is an experience of going beyond the body and you are already doing it … but you are probably not conscious of it.

As you became aware of how to do it (ps: this is NOT an out-of-body-experience), you can deliberately and actively go beyond the body on a regular basis – and when you do this – you dissolve all emotional states of disharmony, escaping the limitations of the body.

As you go beyond the body consistently (as opposed to being trapped in it), first the emotional/mental energies begin to heal and dissolve – and if you keep at it, the physical starts to change.

Listen to my one-hour talk “The Practice of Going Beyond the Body” from this past Friday on Unity Online Radio.

Click here:

See how dramatically changed your life becomes when you actively choose to go beyond the body on a regular daily hourly basis – instead of thinking about people, places, pain and problems. 

You are in charge of your energy. You have the power to use your mind in a whole new way. 

If you don’t feel like you have a whole hour to hear me talk about it (I get it), but you want to know what this practice is: It’s in Chapter 18 of the Text of A Course in Miracles.

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