Did you ever REALLY REALLY want something and you got it?

lisa natoli May 10, 2022

So here is a little experiment for you:

Think of something you really really REALLY wanted. 

You wanted it SO bad.

You prayed about it. Visualized about it. Asked God for it. 

Perhaps you made bargains with the universe to get it.

Or maybe you worked hard for it. You put love & sweat into the achievement and accomplishment of something.

Whatever it was - you wanted it.

And then ... you got it. 

You got the job. You got the relationship. You got the baby. You got the money. You were healed of cancer. You got the house. You lost the weight. You left your job and started your own business. The tumor disappeared. You got the car. You got the degree. You paid off all your debt. You went on that vacation you always wanted to go on.

It was a dream come true. Right??

For like, 5 seconds.

Or 5 days.

Or 5 weeks.

And then what happened????

Spend some time today thinking about something you really really really wanted - something you thought you would never get - something that seemed impossible ... and then .... you got it. 

Have you thought of it? Do you have it in mind? 


Then what happened? 

Are you still doing cartwheels?? Are you still in peace and filled with joy? 

How long did the happiness last? How long until the mind was "onto the next thing" to want and achieve?

 Did the thing you wanted SO BAD and SO MUCH bring you lasting peace and happiness?

You might have even told yourself "I'll never ask for another thing ever again. This is all I want.

We often don't investigate these things. We don't inquire. We don't use logic. 

The mind trapped in time (believing it's a body) has been trained to think: CHECK THE BOX! NEXT!

We keep checking off boxes - and call that "life". 

We have been taught "to get what you want and then move on to the next thing you want."


Keep getting things. Keep having brief moments of happiness. Then come up with the next thing you want so you can have another brief moment of happiness. 

Of course, if anyone put it to us like this: THE GIG WOULD BE UP.

We would go: Okay. That's a dumb rule. That doesn't make any sense. That's flipping insane. And stupid. 

But very rarely do we LOOK.

The mind just says: THIS WILL MAKE YOU SO HAPPY. 


If only you can work hard, visualize a little better, act "as if" (you have what you want), be more disciplined, be nicer, kinder, and let go of your grievance - then what you want will be yours. 

And then for good measure, the mind throws in "You're so close. Others have done it. YOU'VE done it. You can do it again


And we never PAUSE and LOOK.

Today, I invite you to pause and look. Investigate.

Think of something you wanted and got. Think of that moment when what you wanted had arrived. How long did the happiness and peace last?

Once seen, the mind can never go back it's old habit (of seeking and never finding)

And then what you REALLY WANT - peace and to be filled with joy that never leaves you and never diminishes and never fades - is realized that it was always here.

I'm going to talk about this next Sunday, May 15th from 12-2pm EDT during my workshop on The Power of Words to Accomplish What You Please. 

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It's for anyone who wants to be at peace and filled with joy - NOW.


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Once established in wholeness as the Self, there is a power available to you which is YOUR word. 

Not "your" as the "you" that believes it is a body with a name - but YOU.




"Not my will, but THY will." 

Thy is YOU - Consciousness.

Should be fun. 

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See you there. 




PS: We don't stop asking for things - and you can still GO FOR IT and CHECK THE BOX - go for that degree, that car, that house, that relationship, that vacation, that trinket or toy - but you'll be doing it for THE FUN OF IT. 

You will GO FOR THINGS for the fun of it ... and NOT because you think it will make you happy because you will be consistently aware that happiness is what you are.



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