The very first step in healing

lisa natoli Feb 23, 2022

Over the years, with my work as a teacher & healer, I've often pondered the question:

"What is the very first step in healing?"  

I often think about people with zero spiritual background who have never heard of A Course in Miracles and who don't have any other spiritual practice. 

And they are suffering from cancer, autoimmune disease, problems, fear, depression, anxiety or pain. 

And they come to me for help. 

What is the very first thing I do in healing work? 

The very first thing is my part: to see them whole. 

ABSOLUTELY #1 MOST CRUCIAL STEP OF ALL. For anyone who is interested in healing work. I just gave it to you. 

To see beyond the appearance of what someone believes about themselves. To see beyond someone's stories.

That's the first thing.

Then I try to get a sense IF they are open to change. For many people sickness is a way of life, and for these ones, healing must wait on their decision. 

So ... beyond all this ... let's say someone is open to change and they are asking for help. 

The very first step in healing is SUPER PRACTICAL and requires no spiritual belief at all: getting someone to take 100% responsibility for whatever seems to be happening to them. 


 It is a shift from body-identification to Self-identification. Plain and simple. 

And to "get there" one needs to stop blaming situations or people for whatever seems to be happening to them. 

 To stop blaming gluten. To stop blaming genetics. To stop blaming your parents. To stop blaming your childhood. To stop blaming people who are wearing masks - who are vaccinated and/or to stop blaming people who are not wearing masks and/or unvaccinated. 

To stop blaming the government. To stop blaming your ex or children. Stop blaming your bank account. 

And to take complete 100% responsibility for whatever seems to be happening to you. 

This requires you to have an open mind - to be willing to LOOK with curiosity and to say: "Okay, I asked for this. I wanted it. And it was given."

Don't be guilty about it. 

Just say: Okay. I don't know WHY I would ever ask for sickness, pain, no money or problems but I am willing to look. 

Then in honesty, find out what advantages it has for you.

What are the gifts in sickness, no money, problems, not working, illness? 

FIND OUT. This takes absolute honesty. And courage. 

And the mind will get very active. 

I'm sure I'll lose some subscribers today. No problem. 

Simply look with honesty and ask yourself: "Okay, what are the benefits, gifts and advantages to me in the situation I seem to find myself in?" 

And then to flip it and ask yourself: "What are the disadvantages to health, wellness, vitality, having money, working, being fully healed?"

This is the first step in healing.

To realize you asked for what is happening to you. There was/is something in it for you - and it's up to you to find out. 

I invite you to get some paper and take some time today to do this exercise. 

And then come join me either tomorrow - Thursday, February24th - or Saturday February 26th - for a free class on healing that I am offering. 

I'll be talking more about this assignment/exercise - and how you can walk right out sickness and suffering. 

"Healing is very simple." -A Course in Miracles

Register here:

These 2 classes are free - and they are NOT recorded - so you'll need to re-arrange your schedule to be there. I am offering 2 different times and dates so you can choose a time that works for you.

All my love to you,




Doing this assignment will change your life. 


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