Shootings & Violence: What do we do?

lisa natoli May 25, 2022

Another mass shooting yesterday: 19 children and 2 adults at an elementary school in Texas. A week ago 10 people were killed in a grocery story in Buffalo, New York. 

Ukraine and Russia.

A 6-year old boy found dead in the trunk of his mother's car.

I read the news every day and I have been saying to my husband Bill lately: I can't tell if violence has increased over the past year in 2021 and 2022 or if its just that the media is reporting on it more????

 But every single day I see report after report after report of senseless violence. Domestic violence. Attacks on strangers. Unwanted children being killed. Mass shootings. Teenage suicide. Gun violence. Knife violence.

The solution, to me, is not to stop reading the news. As healers, we don't put our head in the sand (or the clouds) nor do we tune things out with la-la-la, followed by spiritual positivity. 

This is not my way at all. 

My way is to stay Present as Presence and Conscious as Consciousness - and to be fully here, remembering the truth.

Being available if there is anything "to do" in the physical realm. 

I love the line from A Course in Miracles "Lord, Here I am." 

If consciousness needs a body suit, it can use this one. Here I am. 

The very first thing I "do" is see if there is "a charge" in me - because if there IS a charge in me - outrage, fear - that charge is going on in me - and that's the only place it can be healed.

I don't need to change the emotion or thought, but to simply stay as the awareness of it.

Every time I read these stories, my heart goes out. That violence still exists. I thought we were over this, hundreds of years ago.


I used to hurt people when I was hurt. 

Stricter gun laws is not the entire solution. Although that would be just awesome. 

So what is the solution??

For the minds of those that are in pain, fear, anger, hate, desperation to experience healing and peace.

 "Happy people don't shoot their husbands ... they just don't" - Elle Woods, from the movie Legally Blonde.

I had a dream this morning our cat Vanna got outside and was running around the front lawn of my childhood and I couldn't catch her. She got caught in a barbed wire under her nail and was howling in pain. I picked her up and she bit me hard on my left arm. I knew it was just because she was in pain. I held her tighter to try to help her and she struggled to get away from me. She tried to bite me again. I got the barbed wire out - and she immediately relaxed into me, purring, happy, grateful. No longer fighting. No longer violent towards me.  

This is what happens to people in pain. They fight, struggle, bite and kill.

And when you try to help, they fight harder. They're in pain. 

It's good to remember this. 

What can we do? 

1. See where YOU are in pain and be willing to have that pain healed. First things first. 

2. Remember that IN you and ENCOMPASSING you completely is a light that heals. 

This light is our Self. 

This light encompasses everyone completely. No one is left out of what is all-encompassing. The shooters are included. Parents. Children. Wives. Husbands. Sisters. Brothers. Friends. Aunts. Uncles. Grandparents. Everyone. 

When you rest in peace, this peace is the power and presence of God that encompasses everyone. 

What I do: I rest in quiet, in awareness, doing nothing. 

When you stay present in peace - allowing all emotions or thoughts to arise in you without trying to change then or fix them - the light in you begins to extend and "move" and someone who is hurting experiences a moment of peace.

If Consciousness wants to work through in the physical realm (like me writing this message right now), you'll be doing it.

But it will be done from a place of peace, not from a place of fighting or fear.

No one wants to see violence end more than me. I would love everyone who struggles in pain to know peace and happiness.

And the only thing I personally know what to do is to get myself in peace first. 

Peace extends from you and reaches to every mind.

I offer peace and love and light to everyone.

I think of what it must be like to wake up in the bed this morning and hope it was all a bad nightmare, and that your child is still in the next room sleeping, only to find out they're really gone. 

My heart and love goes out to everyone whose life has unexpectedly changed or been altered by all of these tragic events.

And I do hope that you join me in quiet moments today, where you rest in peace and love, knowing this peace is a real power to heal the belief in separation.

For this, we came.

I love you.



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