I love writing vs. I am a writer.

lisa natoli May 20, 2022

Identification with anything other than what you REALLY are will always feel heavy and "off". 

What You Really Are is Awareness, Pure Being. 

You are Eternal, Changeless, Whole, Creative, the Presence & Power of Love. What you are was never born and never dies. It is genderless, ageless and body-less. It is pure light and intelligence. 

So, what happens when you identify with the body as "myself"? 

You feel the weight of it. You start to feel depressed, in doubt, in comparison, judgmental.

Let me give you a few examples - and then today experience for yourself the joy and freedom that comes when you simply remain as the Self, which is love. 

I love writing. When I was in the first grade, I wrote a letter to Santa Claus that said "Dear Santa, I've been a very good girl this year. Please bring me 12 pencils and some paper and I'll give you 5¢. Love, Lisa" 


All I wanted was the tools to allow to me to do what I loved to do. Write.

(Also mind-blowing that already at 6 or 7 years old I was bargaining to get what I want. The limitation programming was already in place. That's for another post.)

So I love writing. I always have a pen and paper on me. I carry a lightweight computer with me wherever I go. I love the freedom and joy of being in the moment, not thinking about past and future, putting my fingers on the keys (like now) and seeing what happens. It's the best fun ever. I don't know what will happen. It's pure freedom, absolute joy, a feeling of openness, spaciousness, of being totally connected. 

Now what happens when I say or think "I'm a writer." 

I immediately feel this huge responsibility. A thought comes: I'm not a REAL writer. I'm not that good. There are so many other people who are REAL writers. I just write for fun. I can't put writer on my bio. It's not a job. I don't make money from it. It's just a hobby. My book has only sold about $100 a year in royalties. It's not a real book, like the real books in the bookstore. I just self-published it. It doesn't count. 

You see the difference?

I absolutely LOVE writing. I write every single day. The Self loves writing. I - I AM - loves writing. I feel an absolute joy right in this very moment as my fingers fly across the key on this computer.

I love writing in a journal. I love writing notes. 

I being in the moment, in the flow with this infinite river that I am one with. It's the funnest thing ever for me.

But if I was start identifying with Lisa, the body, the person, the image and think "I'm a writer", I would care what I am writing here. I would start thinking: well, this isn't a real message. It's not that good. I probably shouldn't send it"

I don't do that. I write fast, because I love writing - and then I click the Send button. Some people like my messages. Some people love them and say they are life-changing. Some people don't like them. And some people downright hate them and unsubscribe. It doesn't make any difference to me. I love writing.

Mission accomplished in this moment. 

So today - think on this. 

What do you love? 

And notice the difference in feeling and thoughts when you identify with what you love. Notice the distinction.  

I love driving a school bus vs. I am a school bus driver. 

I love yoga vs. I am a yoga teacher. 

I love gardening vs. I am a gardener.

I love cooking vs. I am a cook. 

I love teaching people how to heal vs. I am a healer.

You will see and feel the difference. 

As soon as you identify with the body as "myself" you will begin to feel the weight of it, the responsibility of it, the falseness of it.

And the REAL YOU will come in and say "well, I''m not just a cook. I'm other things too." 

Because what you really are cannot be contained in a label or body identification, because you are not a body.

I love you.



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