Joy is my guide.

lisa natoli Mar 15, 2022

I have always loved that A Course in Miracles says "God is Love" 

It also says that love and joy are identical. 

So that means God is joy. 

Joy is love. 

It also says "Joy heals all sorrow and despair" 

So that means that Joy heals, Love heals and God heals. 

This was super valuable information for me when it was time for me to let Christian terms go - which I never liked to begin with. 

Joy is my guide. 

Love is my guide.

God is my guide.

Christ is my guide. 

Jesus is my guide. 

You can use any term you want - any term that fits for you. It's all the same thing - just different words. 

For me ... the word that really fit is JOY. 

Joy is my guide. 

Joy heals. 

Joy is my Self. 

I am Joy. 

I am Love.

For too many years, I got all serious with the Christian terminology.

Seriously praying to Jesus. Seriously asking Christ for help. Seriously approaching God. Seriously trying to figure out "which voice was talking" - was it ego talking to me or God talking to me. haha. I really went down that rabbit hole. 

And here is what I found out: 

Serious doesn't heal. 

Joy does. 

So when it came to my healing - joy played in a big factor for me. 

To see what brought me joy. 

And do more of that. 

A lot of things I was doing back then didn't bring my joy. I was mostly trying to reach enlightenment.  


Meditating doesn't bring me joy. Trying to quiet the mind doesn't bring joy. Trying to be a good Course in Miracle student/teacher doesn't bring me joy. 

What brings me joy is writing, making people laugh, being at the ocean in summertime with my feet in the sand, making raw desserts to eat & share, playing in the kitchen, being with friends, drinking coffee, reading, taking baths, driving in my car, playing John Denver and singing his songs at the top of my lungs, playing with our cats, sitting in a chair doing nothing (which is different than meditating), watching movies. 

So when I was at death's door, back in 2018, I realized: fuck it, I'm just going to be happy.  

No more serious business! 

No more trying to "get it". 

I was done with that. 

No more solemnly praying to Christ to help me. 

I quit things I didn't want to do. If these were my last moments in this lifetime, and I felt they were, no way was I wasting another second being serious! I was going to be in joy, be in love, live in gratitude, and go my way rejoicing. 

And a funny thing happened. LOL. 

Healing. Lo and behold. 

Joy heals. 

Somewhere in here is a message. 

Love you. 




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