New video from me on Youtube: Live as the Self.

Uncategorized May 24, 2022

I posted a new video on Youtube today: What would your life look like if you lived as the Self? 

It's 11 minutes and 30 seconds.  

Watch it here:

I'm all about "trying things out" to see what would happen.

 I'm like the scientist in the lab or the cook in the kitchen. I don't want to read about stuff - I want to KNOW - what happens when you mix this with this?? 

Hmmmmm. I wonder. Let's find out!

Because how can we possibly know how life would change if we only think about spiritual ideas or talk about them? 

But wouldn't it be fun to SEE FOR YOURSELF what would happen if you actually lived as the Self, Pure Presence, Awareness, Being - and you took this idea for a test-drive around the neighborhood in your own life. 


Then you would know. 

Watch the video here:




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