The Greatest Tragedy

lisa natoli Jul 06, 2021
There are a lot of great tragedies in life, but I think the greatest tragedy of all (in my opinion) is not living life because of ________ (fill in the blank with your excuse or reason why you don't do the things you want to do). 
It's a tragedy to not know your brilliance, power, magnificence, creativity, innocence or wholeness. 
It's a tragedy to live in fear & darkness when the door is WIDE OPEN for you to walk out into the sunlight. 
It's a tragedy because the power of God is literally in you - as you - at your disposal, ready for you to use to heal, connect, create and do amazing things ... and it's a tragedy if you don't know this and if you are not using this light. 
If you are not thinking every day "this is the best day ever" - that's the greatest tragedy in my mind. 
Every day, the light is in you ... but unseen, not known, not used, just sitting there, wasted. 
And the way it looks for most people is they get to the end of their life (or the end of the year - or the end of a decade) and they realize they have not lived fully, they never took chances, they played small.
They let the music die in them. 
Doing what? Waiting to feel better. Waiting for circumstances to change. 
Waiting for night to "hurry up and get here" - who can relate? - so you can go back to bed.
I have been there.  
Many people are waiting for pain to go away or to have more money or for the children to be older or for their sick/elderly or ailing parents or partner to recover or to pass on before doing the things they really want to do. 
And UM ..... 
guess what ..... 
You may have noticed ....
that "later" never comes. 
The time is now to say "ENOUGH OF THAT" if you to experience the power of God in you and connect deeply and fully to the light you are. 
If this sounds like you and you want to FEEL ALIVE, connecting to the power and light in you and start to use it, I encourage you to join me on my one-day LIVE & INTERACTIVE Zoom Retreat on Sunday, July 25 2021 from 10am EST - 4:30pm EST (with a lunch break)
If you have been waiting for life to start and that time never seems to come, this is for you.
It's $97 for the day, plus a recording. 
We start at 10am EST on Zoom and end at 4:30pm EST - and we'll take a lunch break in there something around 12:30. 
I look forward to seeing you there. I've been working on a brand new workbook for this event - it will be a very interactive day with written exercises for you to find clarity along with encouragement and inspiration to re-write the narrative of your life and redefine health. 
So that when you get to the end of the day, the end of the year, the end of the decade, the end of your life, you can say honestly: THAT WAS THE BEST EVER.
You'll be able to say "I lived life the way I wanted. I lived every day in joy and gratitude, no matter what was happening around me. I was alive for it. All of it. The good. The bad. I was present for it. I was there for it. I did everything I wanted and have no regrets. I didn't put my life on hold just because of _________ . I lived. I joined with others. I did what I love. I faced challenges with patience and love. It was amazing. 

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