The Life Changing Healing Power of Fuck It

lisa natoli Jul 26, 2021

This was a video talk I gave at the ACIM Conference in Boston in 2019. 

It's on Youtube. Watch it here:

The sound quality at the very beginning is NOT the greatest - because my awesome husband Bill Free captured it on his iphone, from far-away. I love that guy. 

So please be patient. 

My actual workshop talk (in the video) the sound is good and many people have written in to tell me this video and message is EXACTLY what they needed. 

I tell my healing story and what happened around that. ENJOY. 

About how healing occurs when you stop resisting and fighting, and simply WELCOME all feelings, thoughts, emotions, sensations, perceptions. 

When you allow all the mind activity (of pain, sickness, suffering, guilt, sadness, irritation, worry, fear) to simply BE AS IT and welcome it, without trying to "get rid of it" it cannot stay and disappears into the nothingness from which it came. 

All my love, 




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