Camino Day 2: Viana de Castelo


Jun 14, 2019

We are now in Viana de Castelo. We begin walking tomorrow morning. 14 miles along the coast. We took a bus here this morning from Porto to Viana and we are spending the day lounging, relaxing, resting before we officially begin the Camino tomorrow. 

I am laughing because just this morning in Porto I was trying to figure out what I can unload from my suitcase (nothing made the cut this morning) and three hours later I find THE CUTEST SUMMER DRESS EVER here in Viana at a street fair for a few dollars {!!}, that, well … I JUST HAD TO HAVE. 

So, my “lighten the load” idea went out the window. Remember to laugh. 

Here I am.

We got a nice surprise when we got to our room: a deck with a little garden. 

Perfect place for a cute little summer dress!! 

Remember: If you are not in joy, something has gone wrong. 

And that “something” is easily corrected by training your mind to a systematic way to a different perception of everyone and everything in the world.

I suggest A Course in Miracles. It rocks. 

Love from me and Bill. 

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