Camino Day 4: Portugal into Spain


Jun 16, 2019


Buen Camino.

We are now in Spain. It’s 10pm at night and still light out.

We just arrived back to the hotel from dinner and here is the view from our hotel room. 

And those are my quick-drying shirts. Not seen in this photo are two pairs of quick-drying ExOffficio underwear . -totally the best underwear ever if you are going on long travel or hiking trips and want to travel light.

I’m 2 countries … 2 weeks … 4 pair of underwear. (Ok, maybe five.)

Today was another major eye-opener. We were here in this town last year in June 2018 but my group of Camino friends walked in from a different route (from the one we took today) and last year I thought this town was one hotel, two restaurants and nothing else. I thought this was a tiny nothing town (but with an amazing off-the-charts restaurant which is in my top 10 favorite restaurants in the world).

Today, we walked in by a different route and I see now that it’s a major big town. lol.

Perception is like that. We see one tiny piece of something and we think we know it the whole of it. For one whole year I thought this town was one hotel, one restaurant and one piano coffee bar.

And I was wrong. It’s a major waterfront city.

So, keep that in mind – that there may be (probably is) a bigger picture to whatever you are perceiving and viewing in your life.

Below are a few photos from today. The internet is super slow right now in this hotel, so I wasn’t able to load a whole lot of them.

I love you.


I took this next photo for YOU! I love you. This is me looking at you, blessing you with our shared holiness. There is nothing your holiness cannot do. Thank for checking out my website and blog. I appreciate it. You are the light of the world. Always remember that. 

Me and Bill in Portugal. That’s Spain behind us.






5 Responses to “Camino Day 4: Portugal into Spain”

  1. Jill younglove says:

    Such a beautiful place to walk and be with those around you, thanks so much for sharing this 🙏💗

  2. Rebecca Johnson says:

    My holiness blesses you Buen Camino

  3. Lesley says:

    Hi Lisa and Bill I am enjoying your joy. So evident. Much love Lesley

  4. Silvia says:

    Thank you Lisa for sharing this experience!
    Buon camino!

  5. nicci says:

    thank you so much for bringing me along on your journey – and for the Love….

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