Camino Day 5


Jun 17, 2019


I had great intentions to post a little something every day here on my website, but as usual: THE CAMINO IS IN CHARGE. 

It’s so true, and that’s how it should be. 

Last night I wanted to post something and the internet was super slow – and I was dead tired and ready for bed anyway. 

Last summer I did the Camino de Santiago (in 2018) and when I got back home to Maine, it was as if my previous life (before the Camino) was GONE. All my old habit and routines had just disappeared completely.

And that’s really the beauty of the Camino and why I suggest everyone do it if they can. It’s truly life-changing. 

I don’t know of any other way that you can see a country – truly really see a country – that’s not touristy – as WALKING THROUGH IT from town to town. You see farms, villages, towns, cities, coastline, ocean, forests and mountains. 

You can meet everyone and be social OR you can meet no one and just be in the quiet of your own mind. 

And the best part about the Camino is that everyone here has one purpose: to walk to Santiago, Spain. 

Everyone has their different reasons for walking the Camino, but almost all of them have something to do with going within and getting connected (with nature, with themselves or with God or whatever they call it). 

Some come here to let go of something (a relationship, a past hurt, a grievance) 

Some come here just to get some perspective on their life

And that’s just a few of the reasons. 

I came to interrupt my habits and routines – life before the Camino and life after the Camino. I wanted it to be a time when I allowed new things to occur, without planning them, without knowing what’s around the next bend. And that’s exactly the Camino: you literally never know what’s up ahead around the next bend. 

I’m doing the Portuguese Coastal route to Santiago Spain with husband Bill and 17 other people (there are 19 of us here in total). 

This group is amazing. 

We are here together but at the same time “not together” – because we all came here with the sole purpose of “being on Camino” – so every day is a surprise. Most everyone walks by themselves at some point during the day, and for the rest of the time, you never really know who you will walk with. Again, it’s always a surprise. 

And then during the day, you either catch up with some others in the group or they catch up with you – while you are taking a break, eating lunch, enjoying a coffee. We are meeting others on the Camino that are not in our group. We met “a couple” walking with everything on their backs (I say “a couple” because they are not together, just friends, who have been traveling for the past five and half months together – and have two more weeks to go until they arrive in Santiago. They are staying in Camino hostels and it’s fun to hear about the Camino from their perspective. 

I call our Camino “luxury Camino” because we have luggage service every day (we get to bring a small suitcase with maximum 33 pounds) and we have our hotels (12 in total) pre-booked for each night. And this is the way I always want to do the Camino – to know in advance where I am staying every night. 

Our friends from Seattle say that sometimes they have to keep walking another one or two hours more than planned because the Camino hostel is full and none other in town. So I love knowing that I have a bed every night. 

Right now it’s actually Day 6 and I’m catching up on the Day 5 post.  

On Day 5 – yesterday – we walked the coast of Spain, landed in a town named Glasgow which is right on the Atlantic ocean. Dinners here don’t start until 8pm so often we don’t arrive back in our room until 10:30pm or so. And then all I want to do is take a bath and go to bed. 

Breakfast is at 8am – another perk of Luxury Camino – and we start walking shortly after that – usually 10-14 miles a day.

If you decide you want to do the Camino this way, check out my friend Jennifer Johnson’s website for upcoming Camino. Even if you don’t see anything on her website, please reach out to her and let her know you’re interested because she is planning more dates for 2020 but hasn’t decided on the exact dates yet. Here is Jennifer’s website:

Bill and I don’t have any plans yet for a 2020 Camino, but hey! You never know.  We might do it again. We are having a blast on this one.

Every age and every size goes on the Camino and … it really is just walking. You walk at your own pace – what feels right and good for you. This is not a fitness event. It’s a Camino. A chance to be with yourself, with God, with nature, with other Camino pilgrims.

I love you.


A few photos from Day 5. The internet is really slow here in every hotel for loading photos, so here are just a few. I found out that I can load them ALL in dropbox and I will do that in a few days.






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  1. Rebecca Johnson says:

    You are the best I love the updates.

  2. Jean Gerken says:

    I am so glad you are sharing☺ I am uplifted.💝🌅

  3. Joyce Fenech says:

    I was supposed to do the Portuguese coastal Camino in May but due to construction at the Cathedral decided to postpone until the construction was done. I am thrilled to be doing the 40 days with you and especially thrilled to be doing the El Camino three arise! enjoy!

  4. Hill says:

    I am absolutely loving your blog posts. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy ❤️

  5. Nicci says:

    I am just devouring these posts and photos. Thank you so much for sharing.

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