Camino Day 6: Glasgow to Baiona


Jun 18, 2019


Today, we walked along the Spain coastline (on the highway for a little while) and then up a hill into a mountain, arriving into a coastal town called Baiona. It was windy and raining part of the day.

Funny story> I was walking at one point with Bill along a rural path, kind of like this one

And suddenly (because on the Camino everything happens suddenly – you can be in the forest without a person around and then you leave the forest to emerge into a major city) – and so suddenly there were lots of houses along a grass path and I hear shouting from inside one of the houses, friends all around a dining room table shouting “Buen Camino!” and I can’t see clearly that far but I CAN see that these people are friendly and amazing and they are shouting for us to Come! Come here! and I yell “BUEN CAMINO!! I LOVE YOU!” and I follow Bill into the house only to find out it’s our group. L.O.L.

It’s not someone’s house but a makeshift cafe/restaurant with the BEST BREAD EVER and THE BEST SANDWICHES EVER.

This guy – Fish – makes your sandwich with vegetables out of his garden! You order a sandwich and he marches out to his backyard to get the ingredients.

Here on the Camino, if you have any food rules or dietary restrictions my advice is to leave them at home, otherwise you will have very little to eat on the Camino.

Before last summer 2018, I thought I had all sorts of food allergies and food sensitivities. I wouldn’t eat gluten, bread, dairy, flour, sugar. I ate an unprocessed, plant-based, mostly organic diet. I wanted (required!) everything to be fresh and local. I was constantly checking ingredients. 

But when I came on the Camino in June 2018, I thought: Screw that. What would Jesus do? He would eat whatever was on the path, in joy.

And that’s what I did.

And I discovered I don’t have any food allergies or food sensitivities. The mind is very powerful. I left that behind on the Camino trail!

For 5 years (before my Camino in 2018), I had been running a story in my head, based on some very strong beliefs that I could not eat dairy, flour, sugar, bread, wheat, pasta.

I believed in healthy vs. unhealthy.

I believe in good food vs. bad food.

And then I decided, screw it. I am going to eat whatever is in front of me. I decided there is no healthy or healthy, no good or bad foods. There is just me, in joy and gratitude.

Many of the Camino breakfasts are bread, butter, jam, coffee, juice and fruit (an apple, orange or pear). And that’s it. No protein. Bread and a piece of fruit and coffee. 

Sometimes there would be ham and cheese. (yay!)

Or yogurt.

And in many places … cake.

Lots and lots of cake.

Croissants, cookies, chocolate. For Breakfast.

There is no almond milk or soy milk for coffee. Just plain milk. Cafe con leche.

Coffee with milk (so good!)

So I made a decision, I was simply going to eat whatever was served, in joy and gratitude.

And I didn’t have a single problem or difficulty on the trip. All my food sensitives disappeared. All my food rules went right out the window.

It was just heavy baggage I had been carrying around that I realized was unnecessary like a lot of the other items I’d brought with me on the trip. So that was an added bonus.

We’re really not bodies.

I’m loving this year’s trip so much. The group we are with ROCKS!

I’m not sure if we will do this Portuguese Coastal route again because this is our second time doing it, and I think I may want to do a new route in the future. I know Jennifer Johnson will continue to take groups in 2020, so if you want to do it, check out her website.

I definitely love the idea of doing Camino’s every year from now on. The Camino has grabbed my heart and soul. Bill and I are talking about which ones we’d like to do next. We’d love to do the France Camino or the Italian Camino.

But we love love LOVE this one!!!!!

We are having a blast. Every day is different, a total surprise. 

I love you.


Photos Coming. Super slow internet. No big surprise there. I’ve been trying to load them for the past hour and nothing is happening. Off to dinner now. xoxoxo




2 Responses to “Camino Day 6: Glasgow to Baiona”

  1. Patricia Cooper says:

    LOVE today’s blog !
    Live, Laugh, Love and eat well
    Buen Camino Lisa and Bill you ROCK

  2. Rebecca Johnson says:

    Lisa, This is one of the most honest posts about how we view food I have read or heard…I knew you have to let shit go when doing this and it is awesome actually to be free and just eat like a native. The food was good in Spain and I loved it….the bread and cheese amazing and the Oranges out of sight. I love you my lady and Buen Camino

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