Camino Day 7


Jun 20, 2019

Day 7 coming soon.

It’s Day 8 right now (Thursday, June 20th at 8:08pm Spain time) and I have been one day behind with posting and so I am going to do Day 8 right now (before dinner at 8:30 in 20 minutes from now) and then I’ll write Day 7 at another time.

The one big exciting event on Day 7 is that I met one of my soul mates, and here are some photos.

2 Responses to “Camino Day 7”

  1. Jill younglove says:

    I love all of the pictures with pets loving on you😁 I think they are all looking at you with such joy 💗

  2. Yolanda says:

    Just love this blog., your stories about your
    Camino, your genuine love for animals that
    Love you back for the beautiful being that
    You are.. Thanks for sharing.

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