Cancer does not mean YOU are sick.


Jun 30, 2019


I wrote a blog post yesterday on healing and it’s getting a ton of great comments.

You can view the blog and read the comments here:

One of the comments was about “What about people who enlightened who have cancer?”

I love the comment on the website from Nina (it’s a long and beautiful message – and you can read the whole message in the comments under this blog. I have just picked out the one question for this email).

Why do some enlightened people have cancer or sickness?

Good one.

You can add your voice to the conversation in the comment section on my website. Just click the link above.

My thought on it is that not everyone who has cancer (or physical symptoms) is sick.

Sickness is a state of mind.

Physical symptoms have no power to affect YOU, your True Self, the light of the world.

When you make a decision to accept the truth of who you really are – to side with the truth completely – you will see that illusions cannot stay.

Light dispels darkness automatically.

Sickness is where you’re suffering and identifying with the body as yourself. In sickness, you think something else should be occurring or you’re depressed, sad, or angry because of a body condition. That’s sickness to me. You’ve equated yourself with the body, as the body, and the body tells you what you can and cannot do. That’s sickness. The body is in charge, and you’re just a helpless victim, at the mercy of thoughts, feelings, sensations.

Heath is inner peace. To “be healed” is to identify with the truth of what you are, which can never be sick – pure light, eternal, whole, ageless, genderless, colorless, free.

The body can have symptoms and YOU are not sick.

You can be in a place where no matter what happens, you are joyful, at peace, happy and alive.

This is perfect health.

But the world goes … “YEA, BUT” …. and then uses the body’s eyes to determine who is sick and who is not sick.

My experience over the past year has been pure joy, a joy that never fades, never dims, perfect peace.

In this state of mind, you will discover that nothing can hold you back. You find you are capable of doing whatever needs to be done to fulfill the Holy Spirit’s function. Health is guaranteed.

Pain disappears.

As I wrote yesterday, this is a direct experience that comes from you practicing the ideas and not just thinking about them.

If you are experiencing pain or suffering, I encourage you to investigate, to find out what is going on in your mind that is blocking the light you are from your awareness.

Also here on my website, I put up a new page today called START HERE which has 2 podcasts on healing with written transcripts – which includes a practice and process for you to self-diagnose what’s going on with you and then to write a treatment for yourself for healing.

I hope this is helpful. You can easily move out of any stuck place and experience joy, peace and freedom. Today. Or whenever you choose. It’s up to you.

I love you


One Response to “Cancer does not mean YOU are sick.”

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Dear Lisa,
    NOW – I finally understand!
    Thank you for bringing the light to this subject.
    Of course cancer does not mean I am sick!
    How could it? Me – the Light of the world!
    Love you too❣️

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