Change Your Life in One Hour a Day


Jul 09, 2019


You can change your life in one hour a day. 

Don’t believe it? 

Get started now, try it for 30 days and then talk to me! 

So many people outright decide something is not going to work before they test it out in their life. 

My encouragement is for you try this for 30 days and then let me know! 

Okay … One Hour a Day. What are you “doing” during that one hour that will change your life? 

You aren’t “doing” anything –  I’m inviting you to BE. 

You are going to BE the SELF that you are that is healed, whole, happy and free. 

One hour of being as God created you. One hour being a happy unlimited creative of child, with no cares and no worries. 

How would you show up if you were totally healed? With all lack and limitation and excuses gone? 

Most everyone is stuck in a particular place – I call it “a point-of-viewing” – thanks to my awesome friend Max Just  who came up with this brilliant description.) 

A point-of-viewing is “the point” that you’ve located yourself in your life – the “point” from which you “view” yourself, others, the world around you. Max, you rock. We don’t have a point-of-view. We have a point-of-viewing: a place where you look out from, based on what you think you are. 

This “point” is like a point on the map YOU ARE HERE. 

“Here” is the “place” where you think you live – your personal location based on your thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits and actions. 

You could call it a vibration if you wanted. 

A vibration of blame-shame-guilt is way different than a vibration of joy-peace-aliveness. Right? 

When you are in love with your life that’s a totally different “location” from the place where you feel stuck, angry, paralyzed, overwhelmed, judgmental and sick. 

When you feel whole, radiant, vibrant and generous … you’ve arrived. 

BE the Self that God created. 

Just BE it. 

Make a decision that you are done with lack and limitation and sickness, and step on in and BE free, eternal, whole, unlimited, holy and happy.

Choose the joy of God instead of pain.  

Most people spend their life trying to get to that place – to this feeling of wholeness, where there is nothing to do, nothing to achieve, nothing to accomplish – and again, I call it “a location”. 

So, how does this tie in with changing your life in one hour a day? 

I invite you to BE in this location for one hour every day, BEING totally in love with life, grateful, happy, alive, vibrant, radiant, whole. 

You totally can do it – YOU GOT THIS – it’s simply a matter of shifting your mindset, attitude and focus away from the body-personality-identity to your True Self. 

All it takes is an instant. It doesn’t take long periods of meditation to “get there.” 

You are actually already there (which is here, by the way) and it’s simply a matter of shifting your attention and awareness to all the gifts that have been given to you – joy, gratitude, peace, love, grace. 

You have so much to give and now it’s just a matter of giving and extending – sharing these gifts. 

For one hour per day – to be the child of God that you are. 

For one hour per day – BE your healed Self. 

For one hour per day – extend love, be kind, be in joy, totally in love, which is easy to do since love is what you are. 

All these years, the mass majority of people spend their entire day from morning to night being what they are NOT. 

And what does this one hour per day do? 

It will massively shift your energy. 

That “one hour per day” will slowly become 90 minutes a day, then 2 hours a day, then 3 hours a day, then all morning, then all morning and all afternoon … and there will be a tipping point where you notice that you don’t know how to get angry, upset or overwhelmed anymore. 

Angry, upset and overwhelmed used to be my location, the place I lived on a constant every-day basis. 

Now, I don’t know if I could get angry even if you paid me money. I could pretend to be angry, like an actor playing a part, but I don’t know if I could get for-real angry anymore because that energy field no longer exists. 

I don’t know how to be depressed, or lonely or sad anymore because that “location” disappeared and I can’t find it anymore. 

I used to be a food addict, an alcoholic and my attitude about almost everything was that life was holding me back. 

My “neighborhood” – the street that I “lived” on was IF ONLY AVENUE

If only I had more money.
If only I had more support. 
If only I had a different job. 
If only I had a job!
If only I had more time. 
If only people could help me out.
If only I had more energy.
If only I wasn’t so tired all the time.
If only I had a team. 
If only it wasn’t so hot.
If only it wasn’t so cold.

My point-of-viewing was poverty, lack, limitation, complaining, wishing, wondering, hoping – and so the world I looked out upon – from my point – was poverty, lack, limitation because you ONLY AND ALWAYS see the world you think you see from the point from which you are looking from. 

So, my friend, for one hour per day – I invite you to shift your energy, shift your attitude and LIVE ON A DIFFERENT STREET IN A DIFFERENT NEIGHBORHOOD for one hour per day. 


For one hour per day, be whole, be happy, be grateful – for real. 

You can’t fool an energy field. 

Your work is to FEEL whole, to feel the Love of God, to actually really FEEL gratitude. 

To actually find ways to get into that vibration of actually for-real feeling grateful, happy, uplifted, in love with life. 

If you are totally paralyzed and can’t move the body an inch and you can’t get out of bed not even to use the bathroom – you can still move your location from the bed laying down. 

Most people can move around to some extent, and I am just giving an extreme-case example here – being totally paralyzed – because I get letters from people telling me why they can’t do an exercise/practice like this. 

If you are reading this message, then you absolutely have everything you need to change your life. 

And if you are already talking yourself out of an hour, then 10 minutes a day! 

But here’s the thing – you must reach that point-of-viewing where you are no longer in your old familiar neighborhood . that is compromised of your current thoughts, feelings, habits, actions, routines. 

For 10 minutes a day or for one hour a day, BE your whole, healed Self and LIVE from your wholeness and holiness. 

And once the energy is moving in new ways, thanks to your cooperation to allow it to move, it will move whole entire chunks of your current stagnant energy out of your experience – like dynamite – it will blow out your old thought system. Ka-Boom. 

And this requires some trust, because it will disrupt your life when this happens. 

But if you don’t try to cling to the old and just truly surrender to a new life, a whole new experience, you’ll be out of the disruption/dismantling phase quickly. 

Try it. 

If you want more support in this, check out The Healing Cure, my 8-week online program for True Healing which is an invitation to live in a whole new way – as your healed whole Self – not just for one hour a day, but every day and every hour (to the best of your ability) consistently for 8 weeks.  





10 Responses to “Change Your Life in One Hour a Day”

  1. Nadine Eichler says:

    Your blogs are always here in the right moment. Thank you for precious work! With all my love to you and Teachers of God Foundation. blessings to all of you, Nadine

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! This is so doable, Lisa! I love the idea of just being our whole selves, living from trust and joy, rather than waiting for something to happen in the future. I love you and your inspirational work. Thank you! I will write again in 30 days, if not sooner! 🙂

  3. Trish says:

    I love this! I accept!

  4. deb ernst says:

    Your work is a life saver for me. I am suffering greatly from losses, depression, loneliness, abandonment. And I keep tuning in to you to get out of myself. thankyou

  5. Hi Lisa, I’ve done your 40-day program, the Living in Mastery program and am now going through your 3 steps for healing podcasts. Just did the first and second. I’m all in with this. It’s my goal to live these Course principles, to heal from mind to body. I identify in many ways with you and your journey. And I love the videos you and Bill and the rest of the gang at TOG share on YOU Tube. Thank you for the work you guys are extending. It is truly practical. Very much needed. Not just theory. Practical. My kind of stuff.

  6. Marion Just says:

    Lisa how do you manage to show up with this blog the very moment I need it?! It’s as though you’ve tapped into my

  7. Marion Just says:

    Lisa how do you manage to show up with this blog the very moment I need it?! It’s as though you’ve reached out and into my consciousness at a moment I feel I’m in a state of crisis.

  8. Jill says:

    Lisa, Every time I read one of your emails I feel as if you are talking directly to me! Your story is my story- we could be twins- except for the alcoholism which I’ve had plenty of that in my life, but not me. I was once a happy, free child and somewhere along the line I became so sad. I can never be happy because in my mind I tell myself it’s going to end and something bad is going to happen. My first husband committed suicide (he was an alcoholic) my son died 3 years ago at 32 years old (also an alcoholic and addict) my husband had a stroke 2 years ago, my only sister died in February of a massive stroke at 63, and I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer 3 months ago (I am not a smoker). I have been practicing A Course in Miracles daily for a few years and have done all your programs. I thank God for stumbling upon your ToG website – you and all your organization has changed my life- So grateful for you. Anyway- now to my point- today’s lesson is; I choose the joy of God instead of pain. I knew this was it! My mantra. It spoke to me so clearly. I have gone through the bulk of my treatment (the worst is over) and I believe that I have been truly healed. A thing like cancer changes your life. I can no longer wait on the sidelines and watch my life pass before me. God truly gave me a wake up call and a second chance (probably a millionth chance) to change my mind and my experience of life. I’m not waiting for things to change anymore! I invite the Holy Spirit
    to help me and guide me. I also watched on youtube the service Irene Tomkinson did at Unity on Sunday. She was amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel we are true sisters. I do hope I have the opportunity to meet you someday. I love you so much. XoJill

  9. Jacquelin says:

    Thank you, Lisa, Dear One 💞
    YES YES YES the time is NOW. This is the third very important and meaningful teaching i have read from you in just the past little while. One was about being honest about what I am really afraid of- that if I were really healed and happy I would disappear- which is totally TRUE. The next was to admit that in ALL these years i have never really read the COURSE slowly absorbing allowing the healing from the very very beginning. i have , as you say, picked and poked and waited for jesus to do the work. I do the same with Science and Health. I do the same with your writing.
    I scan. I never really read a whole blog or article.
    I judge. I resist. Somehow I won’t find the time to do the ONE thing jesus asks me to do.
    Now this challenge. I say YES YES YES.
    I have actively resisted you, Lisa because you are younger than I and because I have been a Course student longer and because I already know all this and you can’t tell me anything…bla bla bla
    I SURRENDER! I want help out of this lie i am hiding in.
    I say YES to this challenge and YES to the Healing Cure and YES to disappearing.
    All my love and gratitude,

  10. Jill younglove says:

    I’ve been on God doesn’t love me avenue for too long…i’m moving on up (theme from the jefferson’s In my head) 🙏

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