Are you Changeless Self or Changing self?


May 21, 2020


Here is something I wrote this morning (below) along with a video – ENJOY! 

There are not hundreds (or thousands!) of different experiences and emotions.

There is ONLY two categories and you fall into one OR the other (or you’re vacillating between the two) and there is nothing in between.

Here they are. Which are you?



This is the whole range.

Two choices – and you are only one or the other.


As Changeless Self, you know yourself as Eternal, pure light, Connected to everyone and everything. You know your innocence, your brilliance, your power, your creativity, your Oneness – and here is peace, joy, love, gratitude and appreciation. Here you are totally connected and plugged into all the Universal Intelligence and Communication … and here … as light and identification with your Eternal Nature there is simply movement, because you are not blocking this light with your fear and doubt. There is no thinking here. There is just YOU in the present Presence – and there is flow and harmony and awareness of Love’s Presence, which you know as your Self. This light and intelligence that is IN YOU and AS YOU moves you and you go with it. This is a life of adventure because you never know what will happen next.

So that’s behind Door One.

Behind Door Two ….


Here is body-identification. Here you are totally disconnected from this light and intelligence and communication. Here, most people don’t even know there IS a light … let alone know how to use it. Here, you are identified as body, as a gender, as a color, as a person, as a personality, totally unplugged from your True Self. This is the self that changes – that was born, ages, grows old and dies. This is the self that gets tossed around as the world changes, as events change, as people change, as situations changes. The changing self lacks a root. It lacks a foundation in truth. It’s completely unplugged from it’s Source. The result is confusion, doubt, blame, guilt, fear, shame, anger, irritation, sickness, suffering, sorrow, pain, loneliness, judgement, grievances, attack thoughts, a battle with yourself and a battle with everyone and everything around you.

So … good times.


This is the whole range.

A or B?

Changeless Self or Changing Self. You can’t be both.

Most people vacillate back-and-forth between these two states – until finally, they make a decision to stop vacillating and be the Changeless Self.

There is NO middle ground between these two choices.

This is why healing doesn’t take any time at all – because how long does it take you to choose to identify with your Changeless Eternal Self – and to STOP identifying with the Changing Self.

It takes as long as it takes you to say: ENOUGH OF THIS. I’m done vacillating. I’m done playing dumb. I’m done playing small. I’m done being weak and powerless and afraid. I’m done with hiding. I’m done with isolating. I’m done with hiding my light.

It’s that moment of CHOICE when you decide for live and aliveness.

This is my topic this coming Sunday, May 24th at The New Beginning World Conference at 4:30pm – 6pm EST. I’m doing a 90-minute Masterclass on Sunday – and when you sign up for the Conference you also get access to all 3-days this weekend, with 30 incredible teachers and musicians, plus all the recordings – PLUS a 4-Hour Webinar with me on Saturday June 6 from 1-5pm EST (1-4pm EST is a training and 4-5pm EST is additional fellowship and Q & A for anyone who wants to stay longer).

If you are signed up (or when you sign up), you will automatically get access to my webinar on June 6th – and the details will be sent to Conference Registrants once the conference is over. For now – just mark your calendar.


If you are tired of struggling and want a life of aliveness and joy – and be connected and plugged into your Inner Physician and Inner Guide and to all this love that is available to you now, this is for you.

If you want to choose Door One and LIVE HERE as The Changeless Self from this moment on – in joy, in aliveness, in health, in peace, in abundance, in creativity, in authenticity – come join us.

I love you.


To register for the conference, click here:

I also got the exciting news that I am Dr. Matt Lyon’s host on Monday morning during the New Beginning Conference. If you saw my email a few days ago about Matt’s class, you’ll know why I’m so excited to be on the front line of this session! He’s sharing his healing approach and story and I can’t wait!

Look who will be there! It’s going to be a party and I hope you will join us!


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