Aug 07, 2019


There is a popular phrase that’s been around for years which you have probably heard – that “your beliefs create your reality.”

Another version of this is “your thoughts create your reality.”

The word “reality” makes this statement not entirely accurate.

Your thoughts and beliefs do NOT create your reality because your reality is whole and eternal and perfect.

I looked up the word “reality” in the dictionary and it says: “the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.”

So you don’t create your reality. The state of things as THEY ACTUALLY EXIST is wholeness and perfection, and that’s already been created by God.

But are you there? Are you living from your wholeness and holiness and perfection? Are you in a state of joy, gratitude and love?

Or are you elsewhere?

You create the world you think you see (with your beliefs and thoughts) and then you think it’s true.

But that’s not really a catchy phrase – but it’s closer to the truth.

Which brings me to the question: What is the world you think you are seeing?

This will tell you WHERE YOU THINK YOU ARE.

If you see only love and only good, then you are in the state of your true reality.

If you see problems and difficulty, then you are off-the-mark from the truth of who you really are.

If you feel angry, powerless, weak, frail, confused, sad, overwhelmed, then you are off-the-mark from the light you are.

One practice you can use to “come back” to your center – to see only love and only goodness – is from the free 40-Day Program for Transformation:

1. Watch your mind like a hawk

2. Catch the belief or feeling or thought. Don’t let it pass by your awareness. Catch it. Are you feeling (or believing) you are powerless, unloved, not valuable, weak, frail, afraid, alone? Catch the thought. Catch the belief.

3. Now, here comes the healing: Correct the belief with truth. This is so important. Most people SEE the belief, thought or feeling and then do nothing to correct it with truth. They just let it stay there uncorrected. La La La. The mind just goes right to the external world instead, to people, places and things. To Google to search for symptoms and solutions. La La La. The mind then thinks “well, what can I do to feel more comfortable?” and “How can I get rid of this problem? How can I get rid of this pain?” La La La.


Don’t try to feel more comfortable. Don’t wait for other people to change. Don’t try to change your behavior.

The point of your power is in this moment, where you CHANGE THE BELIEF. CHANGE THE THOUGHT.

Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Change the belief that you are powerless. You are sooooooooo NOT powerless. You are powerful.

If you feel you are powerless, then you have been hiding inside the body.

The ego thinks “inside the body” is a good hiding spot. It’s not.

If you want to be free, you need to come out of hiding.

You need to come out of isolation, instead of stewing inside thinking of all the ways your life and people have disappointed you and let you down and hurt you.

If you want to be free, stop that kind of thinking.

Instead, take your power back. See these beliefs which are keeping you trapped in a prison-house OF YOUR OWN MAKING.

You are sick because you believe in sickness.

You have problems because you believe you are a body.

If you want health and happiness, you need to start believing in health and happiness.

Your beliefs and thoughts and feelings are the cause of all your difficulty, pain, sickness and problems.

And all beliefs and thoughts can ALL BE UNDONE … by you.

No one else can do it. You are the ONLY one who can catch your beliefs and change them.

As much as we’d like to drop our minds off at the cleaners and have them completely purified of all insane thoughts of attack and separation, and then returned to us all sparkly clean and new … no one can do it but you.

You … are … POWERFUL.

You are not weak, like the ego would have you think you are.

You are not helpless.

You are not stuck.

Nothing and no one is holding you back …. except your beliefs.

And beliefs can be changed.

I’m a healer – and a good healer is a changer of beliefs and that’s what I do. I help people to change their beliefs.

Most of the medical profession will have you continuing to believe that sickness and disease has power and that you are powerless.

I am here to tell you: YOU ARE TOTALLY POWERFUL.

Today, if you want a life of freedom and joy, watch your thoughts like a hawk.

And don’t stop there: Correct the belief with truth.

You are valuable, loved, appreciated and very much needed in this world.

The mind wants you to keep focusing on your problems and people.

i am here to encourage you to shift your focus and see the truth, your reality.


Deep below all your beliefs of body-identity, you are spontaneous, creative, playful, joyful, at peace … a Creator.

You are not helpless. Within you – as you – is the power of God that moves mountains.

My advice is always the same if you are struggling: Get a copy of A Course in Miracles and do what it says.

And if you “did” it already and you are still struggling … do it again.

It’s kind of like you if you go the gym and “work out” but you didn’t get results, you can ask yourself in real honesty: did you really give it your all?

When you give it your all, it works.

I love you.


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