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Apr 07, 2019


A little Sunday message from you to me. 

Lately I get invited to do a lot of interviews and everyone wants my “bio” and I really don’t have one except that people know me as a teacher of A Course in Miracles. Every time someone says: “I need your bio”, I just make up whatever. 

So I have been thinking about that: What exactly DO I do??? And here is what I came up with:


I train people how to be Christ.

This may sound really bold (or really stupid) or blasphemous even – but let me explain.

Here is my definition of Christ:
Christ is nothing more than your True Self without all the nonsense.

By nonsense I mean guilt, blame, shame, attack thoughts, grievances, judgments, victim-mentality, poverty-mentality, thoughts of separation, feelings of fear, doubt, identification with the body.

As humans, we think all this normal. Feeling weak and frail and afraid.

This kind of thinking is not normal – it’s learned.

Beyond all of this, THERE YOU ARE … as Christ.

Christ is the Self we share. It’s our True Identity, which joins everyone and everything together.

Jesus was simply a guy who came to know his identity as Christ.

It was Christ that was healing NOT Jesus. This is important distinction to know. Jesus, the man, who walked the earth, had an awakening that made him know his oneness with God and everyone. This “one” that knows is Christ. And it is Christ who heals.

Jesus become one with Christ,  so for 2000 years the world has mistakenly thought it’s Jesus who is healing. Yes. And No. Christ and Jesus became one. Christ was working with Jesus, through Jesus, as Jesus.

I hope this makes sense.

Christ was looking through the eyes of Jesus.

When Jesus touched someone, it was Christ who was touching them.

When someone touched Jesus, it was Christ they were touching.

When Jesus walked, it was Christ who was walking.

And Christ doesn’t have a body, but Christ can make use of a body if anyone is willing.

Would you be willing to give up your life, to allow Christ to come through?

Healing is nothing more than the recognition of your True Identity as Light, Love, Holiness, Joy, Peace.

You are not a body. You are not an age. You are not a gender.  You cannot be sick.  And you – YOU – cannot die.

The body lasts a moment here in time and space and then disappears, so obviously … that’s not you!

From a very young age, kids knows this.

And then parents and teachers and ministers (who are doing the best they can based on information they received) teach kids what they “know”: which is that so-and-so “died”. They teach “right and wrong” and “good and bad”.

Think about it. We have certain ideas of how we should be and how other people should be. We have ideas about what is success and perfect health and great relationships. We have ideas about how life should be. And when anything occurs differently than how we think it should be, we then think: this is a problem. This should not be happening.

Now all that happens is the mind goes to the past to compare this moment with other moments.

Or the mind goes to the future to how this moment will be different (or the same) as future moments.

All the while, the Christ in you is very still.

In joy, in peace, in light, shining.

This is YOU.

This is your True Self – the part of you that is still, happy, in peace, all light.

All the frantic mind activity is learned and you can train yourself to let that shit go.

Who wants to feel tired, angry, in pain, with non-stop attack thoughts? Not me.

At a certain point in my life, I was “onto it”.

It was an experience like Truman in the movie The Truman Show when he sees the first crack in the Hollywood set that he thought was the world he lived in. When that movie light fell from the sky right in front of Truman on the sidewalk, his brain was unable to comprehend it. Movie set lights don’t fall from the sky.

This was a moment of his eyes opening up. After that moment, you start noticing that a lot . of stuff that goes on in life doesn’t make any sense. Suddenly you SEE  things that you couldn’t see before.

For example, you begin to notice that almost every day is a loop, the same as what you have done all your life. You start to become curious about the same people keep showing up in your experience, even though they may be showing up in different bodies.

You might start to notice: wow, I’m always attracting people who take advantage of me. Wow. So weird. Every time I go somewhere, the complainers just seems to always gravitate towards me.

So you begin to have a “Okay, that’s weird” attitude – and this, my friend, is the beginning of your awakening. This is the beginning of your eyes opening up.

This is the beginning of you realizing that “maybe” you have a choice here in this thing called life.

You start to consider the possibility that perhaps you can choose different thoughts and different attitudes and different emotions.

And when you test it out in your experience, you start to see that the picture of your life begins to change.

I train people to see these things.

I train people to notice what they are noticing.

As long as you are trying to fix, change, heal, improve or understand what is happening in your life, your mind is in the past or it’s in the future.

I guarantee this.

If you are trying to fix, heal, change, improve or understand anything then you are comparing what is happening now in this very moment with some other comparison from the pat or future. I guarantee it.

Because if you weren’t comparing, then everything that happens to you is just happening. It’s just a sensation.

You can train yourself to be in the middle of every single thought or emotion – however disturbing – and you find inner peace, poise and presence.

It’s a simple ability and anyone can do it. You can do it.

How do I know this? Because I’ve done it myself and I’ve received thousands of letters from The 40-Day Program for Transformation and The Healing Cure who have done it.

People who have been in the worst pain ever have found their way back to their center, plugged into their Oneness and watched how quickly their experience transformed.

There is no need to suffer.

The only thing that suffers is the thing you are not.

You are Christ, whole and perfect.

Christ is the Love you are, beyond all your human attributes.

The world has made a very big deal about what Christ is, who Christ is, what Christ means.

Christ is the light within you that is the #1 greatest healer who ever lived. Christ is the Greatest Teacher you could ever find. And Christ is closer than your hand. Closer than your breath. Right here. In this moment. 

Today, take some time to find this Self. 

Get quiet. Turn your attention within. 

I’m excited for you. Start experimenting. 

And then see how it is to LIVE FROM THIS PLACE, as Love and Light without the nonsense of grievances, judgment, attack thoughts, self-sabotage, blame, shame, guilt. 

This is what we do in The Healing Cure – my 8-week training. 

And coming in May over at the Teachers of God Foundation in the Transformation Room, I will be offering a 30-Day Christ Challenge. I’m super excited about that. 

Keep your eyes open for that. Starts May 1st, but you gotta be in Transformation Room for it. You can join the Waitlist now 


And if you are already in The Transformation Room – YAY – then you ALL SET. I will see you over there on May 1st. 

You are Christ, complete and healed and whole, shining in the reflection of God’s Love. 

If you are not experiencing that now, then the work is simple – just a willingness to allow the learned nonsense to be removed. 

If I can do it, anyone can do it. 




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