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Jul 03, 2020


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In this post is an interview I did with Christina on March 31, 2020. ENJOY. 

As you may know, I’m OBSESSED with the topic of True Healing and I’m always on the hunt for people who have experienced healing through seeing themselves and the world differently. I like to highlight their stories – so that we can all be inspired by them.

There is a video AND I have included Christina’s written story (below), in her own words.

If you prefer to view this video on Youtube, click here:

Christina Courtney’s Healing Story – In Her Own Words

What made you so passionate about healing?

It all started when I was 17 and I was diagnosed with a life threatening blood disease, that if untreated, I would have had only 6 weeks to live. This illness taught me so much about life and healing and really was the launching point for me delving into a wide variety of healing modalities all in search of the answer. There was a part of me deep down that always knew that we could all heal from anything but my doctors never shared this perspective, so I remember often thinking to myself, “there must be a better way.” That’s when it all started.

When my physical symptoms were treated with modern medicine, I did see some improvements. However, there were also a ton of side effects and it seemed that whenever they treated one thing, they found something else wrong and it was a constant cycle. I was on medications for the illnesses and then other medications to treat the side effects from those medications. I did what I felt I needed to do in the moment to survive, but once I realized that the doctors could actually never “cure” me and that there was so much more going on that the physical symptoms, I turned to spirituality. I came to learn the meaning behind my illnesses and that I’d become identified with being a “sick” person. I knew I needed to change the way I was looking at myself if I was going to heal. I took class after class and racked up an impressive list of certifications. I became certified in about a dozen forms of energy healing and a myriad of other methods. I was determined to understand what was going on in the body and to experience TRUE healing. I was even recruited by an international healer training organization to travel around the world facilitating events for other healers.

However, over time and through my studies in A Course In Miracles, I came to realize that I was approaching healing wrong and I still wasn’t getting to the root. I was identified with my false self and trying to “fix” what I thought was wrong with my physical body. Although I was seeing progress, I still hadn’t reached complete healing. After a relapse in 2014 that forced me out of Corporate America, I finally realized that the healing needed to take place in my mind. I needed to shift my focus to identifying with my truth and stop resisting what I was experiencing. Everything changed. Things started to flow. By following the principals in A Course In Miracles, I finally engaged with true healing and the symptoms started disappearing. My blood counts stabilized. I got off medications. I went to the doctor less and less. I stopped focusing on fixing a “problem” and focused on the light that I am and extending that light. Then, I started helping others do this too. Things got even better. My clients started having miracle results. Illnesses were disappearing for them too. The more I focused on the truth of what we are – the holy light of the world – things worked and I got to experience myself as such. It didn’t happen overnight for me. I had to continually choose to see myself differently and I still do, but now that I’ve made the commitment to keep coming back to the truth no matter what, it’s gotten easier and easier.

What did those illnesses teach you?

How to love myself and others and how to join. Before getting sick, I was defending against others and focused on survival. I wouldn’t let myself receive help from others because I had pride in my ability to “do it all myself.” Being that sick taught me that we’re meant to support each other and join with one another. It taught me that I’m not a body. I was always in control of my thoughts and I could choose to be in the hospital and depressed, or I could choose to smile at each nurse and make other peoples’ days better. I chose to be a light at the hospitals and extended my holiness to bless them. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, but looking back, I can see how God was already teaching me several of the principals of A Course In Miracles before I had ever heard of the book. From the moment that I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me and said, “there must be a better way,” I was shown a better way. I also learned that life is actually a blessing. Before getting sick, I took life for granted like something that had to be overcome. There was one night in the hospital where I stopped breathing. I remember gasping for air and wondering if I’d die that night. I now have a great appreciation form my breath and the fact that I still get to wake up each day and experience this physical world. I learned how to be grateful for the little things. Most importantly, I learned that illness is a choice and I could stop choosing to be sick. I learned how to choose wholeness.

What would you say to someone who is trying to heal?

Stop focusing on the body. Get curious about what’s going on and what thoughts you’re thinking that are creating the life you’re seeing. Realize that you’re creating everything that you’re seeing. Forgive yourself. This is SOO important. I see a lot of people that immediately go into self judgement once they realize that they are creating their reality and then they get stuck there feeling bad about what they’ve created. I’ve done that too and it doesn’t help. Forgive yourself and choose again. Make a commitment to yourself to learn about who you truly are. That’s why you got sick in the first place – you didn’t know who you are. If you knew who you REALLY are, you couldn’t get sick. In truth you can’t. As the light of the world, you are always whole and complete always. Nothing can alter you in truth and once you learn this, it gets easier and easier. Also, don’t worry about perfection. I see an epidemic of people being obsessed with getting it all right. That’s just another form of judgement that will keep you from realizing your truth. Have fun with it! Make it into a game and whenever you forget, create a fun way to immediately forgive yourself and get back on track with identifying with yourself as the light you are. Don’t be so serious. Be like a child.

How do you help people heal now?

As an alignment coach and energy healer I help people align with the truth of who they are. We’re always aligning with something. A lot of people are aligned with fear, lack, illness etc. and I help people identify what they’ve aligned with and why they’ve chosen that so that they can make other choices. A really important part of what I do is to help people release their resistance to their truth. Since our natural state of being is love, whenever we’re not aligned with that, it’s because we have some form of resistance to it. I help you dig deep to identify what that resistance is, where it came from and to let it go. The method for release can vary. Some of my client’s favorite methods are through coaching, EFT, intuitive art and energy healing. One of the things that I struggled with as I was healing was getting lost in isolation. When we isolate, we shut ourselves off from love and receiving the support that we desire. Illness is isolation. Thus, by meeting regularly with my clients, I help them prevent from isolating and getting stuck. Though I’m not the source for their healing, there’s something so powerful about joining with a common goal and being reminded of your truth.

I think it’s also important to note that when I first started my own business as a healer, people always told me I would need to market and be all over social media etc. I tried that and it didn’t always feel divinely inspired. When I decided to work for God, marketing wasn’t required. My practice is full from referrals or people finding out about me through conversations like this. This too is healing – When you align with your truth and wholeness, the rest falls into place. It’s not about “doing,” it’s about “be-ing.” So, remember to rest in God. That’s the most important piece.

What does healing mean to you?

To me, to be a healer is to see yourself and others with Christ’s vision. Whether I’m doing an energy healing session or talking with a client in a coaching session, my job is always to keep my focus on the truth of them while meeting them where they think they are. It’s a delicate dance between the world of Truth and the world of illusions. I often visualize myself as a lighthouse shining the light of truth and calling the wayward ships back to shore – back to their truth. I also think that it’s important to be an example of not having to do it perfectly. I’m certainly not the lighthouse 100% of the day. I forget who I am too, but what matters is one’s commitment and ability to come back to the truth. As long as I do that before each healing session, I can confidently call myself a healer.

Do you have any miracles you’d like to share?

I am continually in awe of the amazing people that I get to work with each week. I love seeing them step into their truth! I’ve seen miracles in finance, relationships, health, moving, you name it!

I worked with a friend who had been unemployed for almost a year and not getting any call backs on her resume. We sat down and did the work of aligning with her truth and releasing the resistance for about two hours and literally 5 minutes after we finished, she got a call for a job and it started the following week.

I have another client who was in toxic abusive relationships for nearly 20 years and was loosing hope that she’d ever get married and have kids. After about a month of weekly sessions, she was approached at work asked out by an amazing guy and finally able to feel safe letting love into her life.

I also seen people completely abandon addiction, quadruple their income, find their dream homes and heal from illnesses they’ve had their entire life. It’s truly an honor and blessing to support people in coming back to their truth. There is literally nothing your holiness cannot do.

Do you do the healing?

No. The light does the work. Christina’s just there to join in the remembering of the truth.

To connect with Christina and to get her FREE Alignment Formula (we go through it in the video), click here:

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