Living in Christmas consciousness every day of the year


Dec 13, 2018



It’s December and starting on the first day of December of every year (for the past many years) I dedicate the entire month of December to Christmas, which to me means celebrating Christ within me and within everyone.

This beautiful photo above was made by my dear friend Christine Kiesinger. I put it on my desktop on my computer as a constant reminder to myself, and I wanted to share it with you. 

2019. The year I embody Christ completely. Starting now. Who’s with me? 

This idea came last week in the Living in Purpose Mastery Program at the Teachers of God Foundation. We have monthly calls and last week the idea came up that the focus of 2019 will be on embodying Christ, full-time, 24/7. 

Christ is your current Self without your grievances, resentments, fear and baggage. Christ is your current Self without your false self. Christ is the Light you are, one with all. It’s YOU as the happiness and love you are. 

I love A Course in Miracles that tells us that Christmas is a state of mind.


Christmas is not a time or a place, but a state of mind. I did an interview yesterday with a lovely woman I met online a few months ago named Cissi and we talked for an hour about Christmas and what it means, especially related to A Course in Miracles. The interview is part of a FREE summit called Winter Solstice and you can sign up here for that before December 21, 2018: Winter Solstice FREE Summit

Cissi talked about “Christmas consciousness’ and I got very excited over that term!

Christmas consciousness! How awesome is that?

A state of mind of wonder, magic, curiosity, excitement, gratitude, acknowledging Christ.

Remember the feeling as a child with the anticipation of Christmas?? I DO. The lights, the music, the excitement that something magical would be happening on Christmas morning and there would be gifts under the tree.

I remember my sisters and I would be up at the crack of dawn when it was still dark outside to find our stockings and open them. OMG !!!!! That was truly my favorite part of Christmas.

SANTA CAME !!!!!!!!!

How come we don’t like in that state of mind every day of the year? How come every morning isn’t Christmas morning??

Think about it. Flying out out bed every morning with the wild feeling of excitement …

CHRIST CAME !!!!!!!!

OMG !!!!!!!!

And to find the gifts he left for us.

At a certain point, most people become bored, jaded, disappointed and cynical.

We find out there is no Santa. It was all a big elaborate story told to us by our parents, and so we start to feel that way about Christ, that it’s just one big elaborate hoax. But what if it’s real?????????

What if Christ is real?

What if the Santa energy of giving, surprise, generosity is real in our hearts?

What if every morning there were gifts to be found?

The gift of peace, joy, grace, holiness, gratitude, enthusiasm.

Some of you know my morning practice that I don’t get out of bed until I am connected and centered, plugged into the light I am, to where I feel that Christmas morning feeling that there are gifts to be found and I’m going to go find them. And then I leap out of bed, happy.

What I have discovered is that this ONLY happens when I deliberately, actively, consciously make this shift in my mind.

I NEVER wake up excited. I don’t. I wake up groggy, confused, disoriented and the mind starts thinking about my to-do list. This is how I wake up every morning. I don’t wake up happy.

However. I know how to shift my mind. I know how to move into the energy field of Christmas consciousness. And I don’t get out of bed until I’m there, until i feel the wild excitement of bringing the light that I am into the world and into the house, and into all my interactions with everyone I meet, see and think of.


Imagine living this way. To feel excitement without needed something external to make you happy.

To realize you know how to generate your own happiness.

To know that you can replace all feelings (overwhelmed, groggy, confused, disoriented, sad) with peace and joy and glad tidings.

This is something you have the ability to do.

You can celebrate Christmas every day of the year.

You can move right into the state of childlike wonder. Today


There are gifts everywhere. You just have to find them. And open them.

I love you.


More exciting news: 

My 8-Week Program The Healing Cure Program and is finally (and at last!) ready to join. Wooohooo!!! Brand new videos! It’s available all the time, so if you want to join, you can do it whenever you feel is the best time to commit to an 8-week block of time with me. All healing occurs with 3 things: A decision, a change in direction and holiness. The Healing Cure is a self-study online coaching program. For 8-weeks, you’ll be focusing on your True Self – your holiness, the light within – instead of focusing on the body, problems and difficulties. Healing is an ability and you have the ability to focus on whatever you choose. When you choose to focus on love and light, you get the result of that.

You can find out more details and register here:


“Oh Lisa!!! I love love love the Healing Cure!! Bless your heart!! Thank you!! While listening to the first videos I felt to really get what you were saying about the body attachments as opposed to true inner knowing connection. I find that the more I read & listen to A Course in Miracles & similar teachings, the deeper their wisdom stirs me away from the dream. It’s a perfectly orchestrated dance. Prayers get answered every single day. It’s so much easier to see the miracles when grievances aren’t leading the way. The jump from conditioning to truth is really a very small step. It’s just a change in perception. Amazing! This year will be a marvelous year! I love you, friend! ” -Jane Riordan


Hello everyone! I have been following Lisa’s 40 Day Program and have been seeing some incredible changes. Like releasing guilt and knowing I am guilt free and totally innocent. I have connected to my true inner Christ Child and have released myself from a past that never really happened. Now I’ve been able to forgive everyone as myself for all perceived grievances. I’m seeing the world in a WHOLE new way. I see everyone as the same Christ child as myself, which means they never did what I thought because I never experienced what I thought happened. Everyone is innocent and no need to prove it or try to believe it, it just is, end of story. Next I have been seeing that everyone is actually awake and the Christ mind which we all are is truly whole perfect and complete and it’s just a perception change from I need to awake to I AM awake. It is impossible to not be. I am letting go of striving and actually able to hear Spirit much more clearly. To the point of being completely eased instead of fearing I’m not doing “it” right. I’m also seeing how Christ has EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in control. There isn’t one place that is out of Christ’s hand. My Self is the ruler of the Universe and that means that we are always managed by Christ no matter what we are doing. I’ve let the fear go that I’m not “doing” what Christ wants, which is really good and big for me. It’s impossible not to be under Christs control. Which gives me such Joy and Peace to know that I am so amazingly taken care of that I need worry about nothing. Just trust and follow, that seems to be it at the moment. And seeing that there truly are no problems, only what the world makes up. Wow, putting down the sharp edged toy of “seriousness” has taken a lot of sting out of life. I wanted to share my experience because I’m just bursting with Joy and freedom! Thank you for your attention and absolute Love that I know you/we/I are!” -Eric 



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