Do you need or want something? Do you ask within for help?


Jul 30, 2019


Are you asking Jesus’ help with EVERYTHING (and following the guidance) or are you still trying to do some things alone?

You’ll know the answer to this question by noticing if things are EASY or DIFFICULT for you. When you do things alone, everything is difficult and requires enormous effort and you will feel tired, irritated and frustrated.

When you ask for Jesus’ help and you’re actually quiet to listen to the answer that is given (as opposed to the answer you decide you want in advance) and you follow that answer,  life is simple.

When I say Jesus – I mean Jesus from 2000 years ago who lives within you as your own Christ Mind.

I’m not talking religion here. I’m talking life getting VERY exciting and very fun.

You’re not alone. Jesus, the greatest healer and teacher who ever lived is within you, just waiting for your acknowledgment.

And the best part: you have nothing to lose by testing this approach out for a day or a week or a month in your life! Then you can see for yourself the difference between working alone by effort vs. working with JC, the Christ within you, your own Inner Voice that’s just waiting for you turn your attention to it, acknowledge it, listen and follow!

Life then becomes a happy game, a walk down a clear path on a cool day when the sun is shining – with no obstacles in your way, no stones to trip on – and it’s not too hot and not too cold and you feel supremely happy and free (and you’re probably stylish too, in your new rocking coat!)

There is no need to suffer or work hard. If you are working hard, chances are HIGH that you’re trying to do everything alone and you have forgotten your great Companion who walks with you. Have the best day ever.

The coat story is in the book Absence from Felicity: The Story of Helen Schucman and in the Circle of Atonement version of A Course in Miracles. Click that link to buy a copy.

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My Youtube  channel is all about healing, wholeness and transfiguration. The HOW-TO.

How to heal yourself and how to heal others.

There is no need to suffer.

You have a function here on earth, as a Creator, a healer and a miracle worker. Your life is meant to be easy, because you are not alone.

If you are struggling, it means you are relying on yourself and have forgotten (or maybe never knew) you have a Guide with you, all ready to help you! If you only will just turn your attention in that direction.




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