Coronavirus. Can we change its course?


Mar 08, 2020


Well. Here is where the rubber meets the road.

So often on a spiritual path, one stays in reading, studying and listening to other teachers.

There is a tendency to think that spiritual practices are just “feel good” exercises and many people really don’t understand their true healing power.

And therefore we don’t use these practices.

We read and don’t apply.

And because we don’t use this power, we don’t know it.

And because we don’t know it, we think the words and teachings are just “feel good” exercises – and we keep on reading, studying and listening to other teachers.

Back to square one.

But WHAT IF …. A Course in Miracles is FOR REAL???

What if there IS a power in you that can “remove all pain, can end all sorrow and can solve all problems.” (ACIM Workbook Lesson 38)

What if you learned how to acknowledge this power, access it and use it?

What if you Lisa were to devote your mind to truth and release yourself from fear and guilt …. and the future changes????

What if MANY OF US decided to devote our mind to healing?? Imagine that.

Christ is here, with us always – AS OUR ONE SELF.

Imagine if there was a whole group of individuals who made a conscious, deliberate, intentional decision to NOT get sucked into the fear and instead to abide in truth and light??

I’m in.

Will you join me?

You may have noticed that many people in the world right now are going into a panic over coronavirus.

If you are on my mailing list, then chances are high that you have A Course in Miracles and that you view yourself as a miracle worker.

Maybe you don’t see yourself as a miracle worker FULLY (yet) but the chances are high if you signed up for my list, that you have entertained the thought of devoting your mind to love and truth.

And here we are – an opportunity to choose !!

Will you participate in the fear OR will you join with me and others and devote yourself to healing.

Remember that healing (according to A Course in Miracles) is “release from the past” and “release from fear”.

Healing is also a release from guilt.

And I don’t know about you, but I believe that A Course in Miracles means exactly what it says.

What it says: when the cause (of the problem) has been identified and corrected and removed, symptoms (effects) disappear.

Do you just read and study that?

OR DO YOU LIVE IT?? Do you actively identify the cause and then correct it with truth. This is the work that we are asked to do.

We are asked to not leave fear uncorrected. We are asked to notice fear and correct it – heal it – by remembering Who We Really Are.

It says “There is nothing my holiness cannot do.”

In this situation involving coronavirus, there is nothing my holiness cannot do.

Through your holiness, the power of God is made available.
Through your holiness, the power of God is made manifest.
And there is nothing the power of God cannot do.

I was reading Chapter 5 in the Text in the Circle of Atonement version of A Course in Miracles – and on page 219 it talks about creating a different future.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN READING WHAT I READ THIS MORNING – I started on page 209 in the Circle of Atonement version with V. The Foundation of Real Sharing and I read through 221 – all about HEARING ONLY ONE VOICE.

We have the power in us to devote ourselves to God, to our Self and to each other – and we have the ability to refocus our attention and awareness away from time and space and problems and difficulties – and to place our attention on the eternal and timeless.

HELLO !!!!!!!!!

I get really excited over stuff like this because I know its true because I’m living it.

“This course (in miracles) will lead to something quite different that past-life readings because it points only to the future. It leads to a future that you will know. There was a past, but it does not matter. It does not explain the future or account for the future. Patients in psychotherapy frequently go over their childhoods in some detail and at considerable expense, and it merely encourages their egos to become more tolerable to them. I (Jesus – your Christ Mind) would hardly want you to repeat that same error.”

“Are you interested in healing insanity or in studying its past?”
(ACIM CE Edition, pg. 219)


I am interested in healing insanity.

I have zero interest in the past.

It’s over. I let it go. I don’t need to study anything from before this moment. It does not serve me at all. Analyzing little Lisa is a delay tactic to what is available to me right now, accessing the power of God and sharing it.

I’m interested in healing insanity – devoting my mind to God and to healing.

Each of us has to make this decision for ourselves – whether we wake up and join in the Atonement OR we keep sleepwalking in dreams, in fear, separate and alone.

“The soul has no history, being the same yesterday, today and always. The history of a split mind is not a constructive focus for those who are being trained in an integrated and true concept of themselves.” -A Course in Miracles


“I (your Christ Self) am quite willing to tell you about your past when it no longer is of any interest to your ego, and if it is of help to someone else. Otherwise …. “

And here is the next kicker:

“it would be much better to devote yourself to knowing God.”

!!!!!!!!! YES !!!!!

This … is … it.

If you are worried/concerned about coronavirus (or anything else that causes fear in you) … devote yourself to healing the fear.

There is nothing to fear.

When you remove the cause (fear), symptoms/effect disappear.

I feel the time has come for us to see if this Course in Miracles works or not.

According to news articles in the past two weeks, “the future” is going a certain direction.

We can change that.

I believe this.

I’ve seen changes in my own life. When I removed fear and guilt from my mind and dedicated myself to abiding in joy and gratitude and love and appreciation – to knowing my Oneness, wholeness, holiness – I saw that “the future” I thought was set to happen … disappeared.

I have seen with my own experience that when I stay in love, the world does change. The body is healed. Problems disappear. Pain dissolves.

This is the Great Experiment.

And I am calling you to join me.

I am calling you – if you haven’t done it already – to accept your Self as you were created.

Know yourself as eternal, whole, unlimited.

You are not trapped in this little time-space box of fear and limitation.

You are free.

And you have the power to shift your perception entirely to see beyond the appearance of what the body’s eyes show you.

You have the ability to be in this world, as the light of the world, and to bring comfort and joy and peace to those who are afraid.

And right now – the numbers of people running scared are countless.

Thank you for reading this message.

Thank you for entertaining the possibility of your mind being capable of changing the future, as you abide in holiness, peace, joy, gratitude, truth and love.


There is nothing to fear.

It is for this we are here – to remember the truth for everyone.

Your holiness has the power to lift the veil of darkness from the world.


3 Responses to “Coronavirus. Can we change its course?”

  1. Arla Taylor says:

    I only now have one email address which I have had for a very long time. I’m interested in your programs but curious as to why this email address is not acceptable.

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Lisa my friend, I totally agree. If this is the world we made then by staying plugged in to God we can change it.
    Where I work face mask became mandatory. Only a doctor’s note could exempt you. I didn’t want to wear one. They represented fear to me or putting my faith in a false idol to keep me safe. I feel as well it hides smiles and a smile is a lovely gift to give when it can mean so much to someone who is lonely and afraid. I ask my employer for a religious exemption and then gave it to God. The next day I received lesson 50 by email, I am sustained by the love of God. It rang so true to how I felt.
    I was allowed my religious exemption at work. I stand with God sustained by his love, fearless.
    I want to take the lampshade off my head and be the light God wills me to be. I trust he will led me there. What a relief and a blessing to give it all to God and be like a child again.
    I love you Lisa, You are wonderful, you helped change my life and I will forever adore you.

  3. patti-jo lennox says:

    Wow! Yes! Nothing NOT of God has the power to hurt us unless we decide it does, and even then, it doesn’t really ever effect our Holy Self. We were just discussing this in my acim zoom group- about not focusing on illusory solutions to illusory problems, and instead, focusing on our relationship with God. In my experience, staying in the joy and peace undoes any problem I think I have easily and with grace. And in fun and playful ways too!! You are so correct when you say remove guilt and fear from the mind, focus on joy etc., and spirit takes care of the rest. Thank you for living this, sharing about your experiences and being a beautiful example of what applying this looks like! If one can, we all can if we choose to. Such gratitude for you!! Keep rocking it!!

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