8-Week Online Program for True Healing. Healing is AN ABILITY that can be learned and developed and strengthened. Learn how to heal anything with Lisa Natoli. 

The 40-Day Program for Transformation

Stop waiting and be happy. Train your mind this 40-day online video training by Lisa Natoli

The 40-Day Program for Transformation reminds you that you can drop your story at any time you choose. You can drop grievances, guilt, worry, judgment, overwhelm, anger, criticism … anything you choose! You are that powerful. As you become aware of self-destructive thoughts and beliefs and shift to a state of mind of gratitude, appreciation and joy, you will begin to tap into the Power and Presence of Light, that is within you. 

Taught over 43 days (40 days, plus 3 preparation days), you’ll learn the exact practices Lisa Natoli has used to find happiness, peace and harmony in her own life. And oh yea: It’s totally free. 

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ACIM 365 

Complete the workbook of A Course in Miracles in One year with Lisa Natoli.

Receive a daily message every day for 365 days – each day features a 5-10 minute audio commentary from Lisa Natoli about the daily Workbook Lesson, along with a transcript of the audio – designed to encourage you through every lesson and to keep going until you have completed them!

IMPORTANT: You need a copy of A Course in Miracles in order to do the workbook lessons. It can be purchased on Amazon or in bookstores and is also available online. Upon signing up, you will have immediate access to all 365 audios talks, written transcripts for every audio and access to our private Members-Only Facebook group.

You can start whenever you are ready and go at the pace that is right for you.

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