Day 10


Jun 22, 2019


We are having the best time ever on this Camino. 


Last year on the Camino in Spain – June 2018 – one year ago – I met the love of my life: this black and white cat. It was the only time last year on the Camino that I walked alone and I met this cat who came up to me and sat in my lap for a 10 minutes (or more) and wouldn’t get off of me. I wanted to stay longer but I was afraid of losing my friends on the trail if I stayed back too long. This cat did not want to move and I had to peel him off me – quite literally. When I tried to get up, he began clawing at my shirt to keep staying here. lol. Soul love. Here are some photos. 

So, the above photos are from LAST YEAR – ONE YEAR AGO.

Fast forward to this morning: June 22, 2019. I was going through my photos from one year ago to see what would be on the trail today and I saw that it was ON THIS DAY one year ago: The above photos. I met this cat.

So this morning I thought: I’d love to see that cat again today. 

But really: what are the chances???? 

A year has passed. 

But I still thought it would be fun. 

Then this morning while walking I found “a wishing rock” which is a rock with a continuous unbroken line through it. It was a game we played as kids, which has carried with me my whole life. Basically if you find a wishing rock, you can wish on anything and you will receive whatever you wish for. 

So I carried the rock with me for a little time and couldn’t really think of anything to wish for. I have everything I have ever wanted. 

I thought the usual things people wish for: money, a house, a car. 

People wish for relationships, health, happiness, love. 

Nothing was really pulling my attention. 

I stopped using the power of my mind to manifest things years ago. I don’t wish for money, material things, relationships, health, etc. And so I was just having fun on the Camino, seeing if there was anything in my mind that I really really REALLY wanted. 

And then ….. 


And got it. 

It came to me. 

I knew exactly and precisely what I wanted. 

I knew exactly what I wanted to wish for. 

If I could wish for anything knowing I would get it. 


I told my friend Gail who I was walking with ‘I know what I wish for: to see that cat today.” 

And then I yelled up to Bill and Susie (who were walking ahead of us): I KNOW WHAT I WISH FOR!!!!! 

And Bill said: You’re not supposed to tell us or it want come true (he knows the game) 

And I said: too late. I already told Gail. I wish to see that cat today. 

Well … a couple of miles later and we passed through the area where I saw the cat last summer and NO CAT. 

I thought: Oh well. Just a dumb game. 

And I turned the corner and look what was standing right there!!!!!!!! 


He came straight to me. There were 4 of us in the group and he walked past them all straight to me. 

I swear if there was a soundtrack to go with the experience, we would have heard the theme song from the movie “Born Free.” 

I sat on the ground and he got right in my lap again like last year. 

And then he got off my lap and we hung out like the best buddies we are.

I seriously couldn’t believe it -and still can’t believe it –  to run into this cat again. OMG. 

But YAY. 

Note that I am wearing identically the same clothes from last year. haha. 

I wore this every single day last year – Camino 2018

and every day this year – Camino 2019 – no one cares. 

I love you. 


The Crazy Cat Lady

And PS: For record,  you all know you don’t need a wishing rock. Ask for what you want, with no attachment, with joy and gratitude, no expectation and play it like a game happy children play. 

You are the light of the world. 




8 Responses to “Day 10”

  1. Jill says:

    Cats and coffee, looks like you found the original cat cafe💗

  2. diana says:

    OMG thanks for all your photos and comments along the camino. It brought back so many memories for me when I did it last July.
    Shame you weren`t able to come to Toledo to visit me here while in Spain or I you as it`s so far to Santiago from here.
    Thank God you finished your camino we now have a heat wave in all of Europe!!!!!

  3. Nancy Benjamin says:

    Love this! So cool! You and that cat are soul mates! Kindred spirits! Glad you all are having fun. Much love, N.

  4. Rebecca Johnson says:

    I love this so much you and Frances and your cats. If she was there this year she would have met some old friends from last year. Lol. Congrats. 🎈

  5. Jean Gerken says:

    I love that you are sharing your trip in words and pictures. I am uplifted! Thank you! Namaste💝🌅

  6. Deborah says:

    What an incredible story.

  7. Beat blog you ever wrote. Yessssss

  8. Patricia Cooper says:

    I LOVE you Lisa
    You and the cat are dressed exactly the same !

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