Everything – EVERYTHING! – that seems to happen to you is by your decision.


Aug 13, 2018


What if you KNEW that everything that seems to happen to you – every encounter, every situation, every event – is decided by you? 

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Read on.

I would love it if you experiment and practice this idea for the rest of the week and then come and share this Friday when I teach on the subject. Your life can radically change in one day when you become conscious about all your decisions – and then actively and deliberately make some new decision. 

Here in the world, you think that events “just happen”.

It’s not true. You are seeing only a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs, projected outward. 

If you want to be happy, decide for it. Then BE about it. It’s that simple.

If you say you want to be happy, but then you allow external events to make you unhappy, you might want to look at that. Not a single thing in this world has the power to affect  your happiness, when you decide that happiness is what you really want. 

This is very good news because if you don’t like the picture you see, you can change your mind. 

You may believe that you get sick, that people do bad things and that problems occur – and that somehow these things have nothing to do with you. 

But, here is the thing: Every single thing that happens during the day, during your life, you decided on. 

You asked for it and you received it, exactly as you asked for it. 

How do you know what you asked for?


What’s going on in your life? 

Whatever is happening in your life, you asked for it. Your health. Your bank account. Your relationships. Your job. You decided on everything, right down to the tiniest detail. 

That can seem like a tough pill to swallow until you take some space to experiment to see if it’s actually true. 

Look at the small stuff first, starting from moment you wake up. 

You look at the clock and roll over to get some more sleep. You decided to stay in bed. 

You pick up the phone and start checking text messages and social media. You decided to pick up the phone and check text messages and social media. 

You make coffee. You decided to have coffee. 

You yell at your kids. You decided to yell at your kids. 

You feel irritated at your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/mother/father/sister/brother. You decided to be irritated. 

And so on through the whole day. 

This would be called sleep-walking. You are making decisions all day long, unaware that you are making decisions. 

Now let’s look at some of the “bigger” things that really seems to have nothing to do with you … 

You wake up not feeling well. You are told you have cancer. You suddenly have a tumor. You decided for sickness. 

Someone steals from you. You decided to have someone steal from you. 

Everything that seems to happen to you, you decided for that to happen.

This is such good news. It might NOT seem like good news while you are are deep in difficulties, but believe me: this is the key to your whole way out of conflict, lack, limitation, problems, guilt, shame, blame. You name it. This is the key out of the darkness of your own making. 

How do you know what you decided? LOOK AROUND YOU. 

Whatever is happening in your life. You decided for it. 

You have no money. You decided to have no money. 

You feel someone didn’t treat you properly. You decided to be a victim and you’ve got someone playing out the part perfectly for you. 

You feel bad. You decided to be in conflict. 

So what’s the solution? It’s so simple: Start making some new decisions.

Decide for a happy day.

My husband Bill and I have been talking a lot of about “The Rules for Decision” which is Chapter 30 of A Course in Miracles, in the section called “The New Beginning.” 

In that section it gives step=by-step instructions how to have a happy day, every day. It talks about how to make decisions with your “Advisor” (your Inner Teacher & Guide) and how to decide on the goal you want. 

I used to think this meant that I could figure out what I wanted to manifest and it would happen. I have found out that it doesn’t mean this at all (thankfully). It means that when I decide for a happy day, that day will happen “just like that”. So yesterday in the morning, over coffee, we both acknowledged we decide for a happy day. A day of joy and peace. I wanted a day where God’s Love was pouring through me. I wasn’t blocking it. I was seeing God in every face. I wanted a day where I was in a state of gratitude and appreciation. I wanted a day of fun. So, Bill and I thought about taking a Saturday road trip up to Portland Maine, up to our camper, up to the jewelry store to drop off my wedding ring to have it re-sized – and en route to Portland, we got a flat tire on the highway. I heard a noise. Then Bill said “I think that’s us” and he pulled over. There was some kind of screw in the tire and so he put on the spare – and our day got re-arranged, due to needing to get that tire fixed. So we went to BJs – where I’d originally bought my tires – and they said the tire could not be replaced. We would need a new one. We had decided for a happy day, and that’s what we were having! I had insurance on the tire, so it cost $100. Great. We have it. One of the guys in the tire shop said as we were leaving “I really like you two.”I said “thank you. We really like you!” He wanted to know what ACIM-61 on my license plate meant. I said A Course in Miracles Lesson 61: I am the light of the world. It means I’m the light of the world. It means you are the light of the world. He said “the world needs more reminders like those” 

Bill and I pulled out, laughing. For most people, a flat tire on the highway would NOT constitute a happy day. For us, that’s exactly what it meant. We decided for a happy day, and that’s exactly what we got. It means that whatever happens during the day, you are not going to forgot what you really want. You are not going to forget what you decided in the morning: A Decision For A Happy Day. It doesn’t mean you are going to manifest only what you want to happen. It means that you are staying centered in the truth of what you are. It was such a good day, from start to finish. I saw God in every face. It was fun. I extended love and joy and peace everywhere I went. 

And what did I do this morning????? Thought about the kind of day I wanted, knowing that I will have that exact day. I am THAT powerful. I made a decision for happy day. And guess what?

I’m having a happy day. 

Come join me this Friday in the ACIM Friday Morning Group at 10:30am as I teach about DECISIONS. 

I’ll be focusing on this sentence: 

Everything that seems to happen to me, I asked for and received as I have asked. 

In other words, you decided on it. 

If you don’t like what you’re seeing … Decide for something else to occur. 

Decide to extend love instead of yelling. 

Decide to see the light and truth in everyone. 

Decide to look past all appearances. 

Decide to be at peace instead of in conflict. 

Decide for healing instead of sickness. 

This is all in Chapter 30 “Rules for Decision” in A Course in Miracles. 

See you Friday. Click here to register.

It’s free.

Love, Lisa

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