Healing: No chance for worry and overwhelm to catch up to you.


Jul 08, 2020


Here is a message from Deepali in India, just in! with permission to share. 

I love the part where Deepali says: “I’m just bored of this old path. SIMPLY BORED.”

This was when healing begin for me – when I become bored with my life, bored with conflict, bored with sickness, bored with worry, bored with being a complaining negative whiney walking/talking story-telling billboard for ailments. BORING !!!! So bored!! And I said: I’m done with this life. Done with being a sick person. Don’t with comparing my life to others. Done with excuses. D.O.N.E. xxoxox And I walked right out of sickness, into a life I love. 

From Deepali:

Thank you Lisa for asking me to share my email to you, here –

💚💕💚 Unchangeably Relaxing

I LOVE YOU LISA and I am totally and fully and entirely healed. I love you LISA for simply being my own voice back to me.

I see it. I know it and its evident in everything I do, be, say, have, give, think, feel, etc.

I always KNEW it and NOW I AM THERE. Just like that… Like you say it in The Healing Cure

All of my life and every single story, experience, trauma, miracle stands totally explained and is at rest in me, finally. PHEW!

There are so many moments of this deep clarity in my everyday life… I can’t even begin to list.

Here’s just one – I am unstoppable at “relaxation”.

I rest in my true light any minute I “feel” tired, exhausted, irritated, anxious, sad, bored.

Even a slight flutter of the old feeling of anxiety…and I stop and smile a tiny smile and Just like that I am home in my true self. The next action or word or thought that comes out is from this place of full-on generosity and openness.

So there has been no chance for my worries or overwhelm to catch up with me.
How’s that??!! 

Though I have all the reasons to worry, fret, and panic all over again. But guess what – I am just bored of this old path. Simply BORED. Even if I am going to be broke AGAIN and soon, even if I don’t know how I will provide for myself and my son AGAIN, even if that amazing guy after 10 years proposed to me and is not going to come back after he mourns his friends’ death as he said, even if the work I am doing won’t bring me the income I so desperately need. I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE UP MY SUPER RELAXED WAYS. I am not giving up my ways of remaining “Changeless”.

Worries and overthinking and pain and trauma and anger just don’t get me anymore and
I am not even trying to avoid it. I am done with that. In fact I am happy when they bob their tiny head and my breathe goes a bit shallow and I cant feel my body just a bit cause it gives me one more chance to do an about-turn and smile and say, “uh uh… nope… I am not buying your story. You are my shadow. You have come to remind me that I AM THE LIGHT. That I AM so much in light that only then can I have a shadow. So I am thankful that they come so I can look up to the blazing Light I am.

And this is going on since 3 weeks since I started the Healing Cure and doing the first 2 lessons and 3 preps over and over again.

I just stay aware and when a bad “feeling” comes I just know that I am a bit further from my own light – which is my ease, my playfulness, my fun, my dance, my smile.

As soon as I notice a slight, even a wee bit flutter, I stop, breathe, and just smile.
As soon as my brows feel crumpling together I smile and watch them slip on either side…opening
my mind to the sheer simplicity of the PRESENCE of God and all goodness in me.

And here’s the bummer –
I have been so aware of my divinity all my life but it never felt grounded and real. My grandfather was a Shaman and he passed his gift of healing and clairvoyance to me. I helped hundreds of people by the time I was 20 to 32. And then I realized this is not serving my life, or life on this planet anymore. I am 48 now.

I have witnessed and been “used” for so many many many miracles in my and others live around me. I painfully gave it up. Excruciatingly unlearnt my gift. I stopped doing Intuitive readings cause I wanted to let intuition be a natural part of my life. I wanted most to be SIMPLY HUMAN. Not divine, not extra-ordinary, not a miracle maker like that. But as a normal human, real person, vulnerable, fragile, innocent.

AND NOW I AM. Thanks to you LISA and A Course in Miracles and The Healing Cure and my empathic listening tools from NVC and my Unschool Way.
This feels like true life and miracles still continue to happen. But for them to happen I don’t have to stand out, be alone, be a martyr, me excluded from friends and fun any more. I know now totally that I and my son loved and respected just for who we are.

I can stop over-achieving, working very very hard, being isolated in my art and writing, creating new learning environments just to be loved and accepted and to belong.

There is so much to tell you.
But know that as you hold me in you, I hold you in me every moment. I hold everyone for as I can SEE IT, that’s enough. Everyone is seen for we share the same reality of being alive. And I AM fully alive.
I am going to weep now…out of the sheer magnitude of gratitude rising in me to even admit this.

I am following my inner guidance and working diligently and gracefully watching the love and financial support I need literally GET CREATED through me and through the people in my life.

I am REAL. I am alive. I am LIGHT with you and everyone!

Thank you will never be enough. But watch my life now LISA and you will see it

Yours Lightly,


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