Do you own your life?


Jun 20, 2020


Here is a question: Do you own your life OR are you in someone else’s narrative/storyline?

The way you know you own your life is if you are supremely happy and in perfect joy.

If you feel anything other than perfect joy … then … something owns you.

In this world, we forget we are CREATORS, with power from God to create like God.

It’s been the best journey ever for me over the past several years once I made a decision to …

-own my life
-own my schedule
-own my day
-own my decisions
-own my voice
-to stop being a sick person
-to “pick up my bed and walk” straight into a life I love.
-to be awake to all the beauty and connectedness in every single thing.

It’s total freedom to realize that your thoughts and emotions are NOT the boss of you.

You own the thoughts and emotions – they do not own you.

Sickness does not own you.

Pain does not own you.

The media does not own you.

Other people’s expectations do not own you.

Your job does not own you.

Your past does not own you.


You have the ability to master every element of your life, just by a decision that you are DONE with waiting on the sidelines.

And yet – in the world – usually out of fear and people-pleasing and body-identification, we shrink into littleness.

We wait on the sidelines.

We become observers (and complainers) instead of HEALERS & CREATORS.

On the sideline, we are afraid to get in the game because we fear we might lose friends, family, our “safe” jobs, our image.

And YES – you might.

And when you hold on desperately to your image – life owns you. Other people own you. Emotions own you. Thoughts own you.


And there comes a moment when, hopefully, you say: fuck that.

There comes a time when you want FREEDOM and ALIVENESS and A LIFE OF JOY above all else.

And it comes with a price: the whole world you’ve been holding onto.

And here is the thing: A lot of people are not going to like it when you come into aliveness, authenticity and freedom.

But you have to ask yourself if you want to keep living in fear, playing it safe, walking on eggshells, waiting for life to give you permission to shine and play and laugh and create and be a little kid again.

This is why I say my approach to healing is called “fuck it”. It’s a decision that you are done with the victim-story, done with waiting, done with doing what other people want you to do because “it’s safer that way”. fuck it.

It’s a decision for aliveness, joy, peace, creativity, boldness.

It’s a decision to connect again with the inner voice in you that you shut out, and to honor this voice, to trust in it, and to follow it wherever it leads you.

Even if it’s scary.

This is aliveness.

And this is The Healing Cure: my 8-week online program for True Healing.

It’s available whenever you are.

You can register here:

And just FYI: The Healing Cure registration page could come down whenever the fuck I feel like it because this is my life and I do what I want. 🙂

No one owns me. I get to live life in absolute freedom – and I encourage everyone around me to live this way also.

But it’s available today.

In January 2020, because I felt like it, I added in LIVE Zoom Calls for Healing Cure members – they are once-a-month on the last Wednesday of every month at 1pm EST. The calls last 90-minutes – but it may go longer because I might just feel like it. I have committed to doing these monthly calls through December 2020 – and after that I don’t know what happens. I added these Zoom calls in as something totally additional along with a private Healing Cure Facebook group.

Our next call is this coming Wednesday June 24, 2020 at 1:30pm EST – and the theme is ALIVENESS.

AND SUPER FYI: None of us know how long we or other people will be in the world. We take it totally for granted that everything will always be the way it is now. But change is the one guarantee here in the world – hopefully 2020 taught us at least that much.

If there has been something you have been wanting to do, someone you have been someone you have been wanting to reach out to and express your love and gratitude, do it today and don’t wait. It might not be here tomorrow. It might not even be here 5 minutes from now.

I love you


Also PS: I have a new website coming (so excited!) and my current website will be completely deleted. By my decision. So if you have been wanting to listen to an audio or read a blog, you might want to do that soon, because it’s all coming down. Demolition time for new things to emerge!

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