Do you feel weak, frail, tired, in pain or sick? There is a way out of suffering completely


Sep 23, 2017

All pain seems very real while you are in it, but it easily dissolves as you focus your attention on the truth of what you are.

I did my radio show yesterday on a great paradox of A Course in Miracles. Jesus says in ACIM: “you are not a body” and then goes right ahead and says “the body will be strong and healthy if …” and then proceeds to tell us what that IF is.

I love that.

You can listen to that Unity show here:

In this work, we have to do more than just listen to someone else talk about these ideas. We must do more than simply think about these ideas. We must practice, apply and use. When you shift your focus from the body to the truth of what you are as Spirit, light and the Love of God, you’ll see how quickly all darkness, pain and doubt disappears.

I love you.

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