Episode 3


Welcome to the Lisa show, I am Lisa Natoli and I’m so happy that you’re here. Today it’s Episode three and I’m going to be continuing the discussion from last week dealing with physical symptoms that’s in Episode two. So today is part two of episode two. So if you haven’t listened to Episode two yet I encourage you to stop this audio and go back and listen to that first and then come back here.

I gave steps, I actually gave you everything you need to know in episode two and I invited you to really imagine that you’re in the doctor’s office, you’re with the greatest healer who ever lived who is the healer within, the Christ within you and to start working with the great healer.

I also gave my own story of dealing with physical symptoms. So episode two is just a great foundation, I really did give you everything that you need to know. Why am I doing the part two? Because a lot of people have the information and they are not seeing any change whatsoever. I want to talk about that here in Episode three, I’m going to be talking about really do you really want to be healed? That’s an important elements.

I’m going to be talking about what do you expect and I am going to be recapping the steps from episode two, I have quite a lot of notes again and I invite you to get a pen and a piece of paper. I also believe in the one visit, I really don’t believe that you need extended periods of time and more content and more information. I really do believe that you just need to keep it simple and I truly did give you everything in Episode two that you need to know.

One of the things that really is important is that this needs to sink in and so often if you’ve been around me as a teacher, I teach a course in miracles, I teach people how to heal themselves, how to help others, how to heal others and healing is very simple. It’s nothing more than a return to the awareness of your own wholeness, and you’re already whole, so it’s very simple.

All sickness is nothing more than isolation, it’s a belief in separation, it’s a retreat from others. So that means that if you are experiencing sickness that there are blocks and obstacles in your mind that need to be removed, so it’s very simple. If you’ve been around me as a teacher you know that I repeat thinks and I do that intentionally because if you think about how it’s been for you in the world as the world was teaching you the laws of time and space it was constant repetition that you arrived here whole and perfect. You had no idea of yourself as a body symptoms of other bodies you were just perfect whole light. And then the teaching of the world begins. Think how many times your parents had to teach you mommy, mama, mummy, mummy, mummy, daddy, daddy, daddy, mommy, mommy, mommy, until you finally say it. Is this constant repetition trying to teach you, how to say a word. Then there’s all about pointing that’s a cat, that’s a dog. You’ve had a lot of repetition to learn that your body and now you may need repetition to return to your wholeness but you don’t actually. The time is up to you for how long you step into the change, a new state of being.

I really want to start with the steps that I gave last week and again please if you have not listened to Episode two please stop this audio now and go back there. All of the links to the Lisa show is on my website lisanatoli.com. If you look at the top of the website there are pages and you can always find the Lisa show under podcast. If you would like to receive episodes as soon as I post them please follow the show on Sound Cloud.com.

You can also leave your comments there, I love getting the mail I really do, I love hearing from you, I love questions, I can answer them here on the show. Especially love to hear when you’re practicing and you see results, I already received many emails even on day one from last week of people who took those steps that I gave applied them and immediately saw pain disappear and I love that.

I love these messages that start out with, oh my God, OMG, wow, yea, and that excitement that you feel when you experience change. Another big difficulty that people have with healing is falling back into old patterns. So you may experience a moment of total freedom, you’re free of the symptoms and then you experience them again and so you think that the healing didn’t work and I’m going to talk about that today because it’s very important that you step into a new way of being and you live there.


I am creating a healing program called The Healing Cure as I mentioned last week it’s been a vision of mine for years to create a healing program. I’m going to be putting all this content in a very simple way there. I have no parks that span back from 2009 with all of this content and I just want to really just bring it into a very concise way that’s very simple and easy to follow that you see results.

I’m big big big on results. I want you to see change, I want you to move out of hoping, wishing, praying. I want you to really just move into a state where you know you have the power and the ability to heal. So often people think that healing is complicated, that it’s impossible, it’s difficult it’s not.

Healing surely is a return to the awareness of your own wholeness. So anyone who is a healer is someone who is helping another return to the awareness of their own wholeness. I love what of Course in Miracles says about healing, to heal is to make happy. So you’re coming back into a state of happiness again and that’s all it is.

We’re going to begin with the first steps, if you’re dealing with physical symptoms. I really want you to imagine that you are in the physician’s office, you’re with the Great Physician, the healer within and you’re working now with this presence and this power and we’re going to remove the blocks and the obstacles in your thinking that are blocking the awareness of love’s presence.

I love what a Course in Miracles says that God is love and that’s absolutely true. So if we were to change out the word love’s presence, you’re coming back to the awareness of God’s presence and this is what you are. This is your true identity, you are pure and light, you are eternal, you are changeless, you are a creator and now you’re coming back to the awareness of that.

So all sickness is nothing more than isolation, a retreat from others. It’s a belief that you’ve been alone, it is an imbalance. There’s been a way of living for you where you’ve been living off centered, disconnected from your source. So the most important thing is, do you really want healing? And almost everyone says yes.

Whenever I asked someone do you want healing? They just say yes. What I have discovered over the years is that probably 90% don’t really mean it. They just say yes. So I want you to really look into your mind and I want you to really see if you really want healing. So healing is going to require you to change.

When most people say they want healing, they want the magic wand method. They’re just sitting around and they’re hoping that some day they’ll just spring out of the bed or out of their life of boredom of pain and they will just be magically healed and they will have energy and they’re vibrant and they’re happy and that’s not been my experience.

It really does require you to change everything really. You have to change your thoughts, your words, you must forgive, you must release grievances, you must find the blocks and the obstacles, the judgments and let them go. It requires a radical change in the way that you have been thinking about yourself, the way you’ve been showing up in life. So that really is the first place that we begin. Do you really want healing? Are you ready to change? Are you ready to take responsibility for everything that seems to be happening to you, so that’s the first thing. It can’t just be lip service, it can’t just be a yes that you say as a word. You have to want to change.

As soon as you say yes, I really mean it I am really ready to take the steps, I am ready to change the way I think, I am ready to choose new emotions, I am ready to show up in a new way, I am ready to do the work then it’ll be very easy for you. That otherwise you are just waiting for a miracle, you’re just waiting for something to change and nothing can change because the world that you think you see including your body is a reflection of the thoughts that you’re holding about yourself.

That’s very important that we start there because if you have been wanting a healing and not experiencing a healing to me that’s the block and that requires honesty to say, okay I don’t really want healing. I don’t really, I would like to continue to be the way that I’ve been and hold my grievances and hold my judgments and no one does that consciously of course.

So healing now is becoming conscious of what you’ve been thinking, what you’ve been saying, what you’ve been doing and making a decision to change. I’ve talked a lot in the past over the years about how I used to constantly say I want peace, I don’t want conflict I want peace, and I was always experiencing conflict. Until finally I recognized that I wanted the conflict, I was comfortable with that. It was my comfort zone.

The moment that I really realized I don’t want conflict, you don’t want to attack myself anymore, I don’t want to attack others anymore. I truly want peace, then peace was available to me on that day and whenever I slide back into conflict, I can see it for what it is and I get out so fast. I don’t hang around there anymore, I remember I don’t want this.

I don’t want to be a complainer, I don’t want to be a victim, I don’t want to judge myself, I don’t want to judge others and you feel when you’re in that old way of being you feel it so quickly now, so you can recognize it and there you can choose and make a decision to move into another way of being.

So that’s the first thing to really honestly look at, do I really want healing? Am I ready to change? There’s no right or wrong answer for that but you will really begin to see why healing has not been happening for you.

The second thing is, do you expect healing? This is a big one because we’ve been taught here in time and space that healing is difficult that in many cases it’s impossible. It’s so difficult to heal cancer, it’s difficult to heal tumors and we’ve been really taught that it doesn’t always work and if it does work then you might get symptoms again and then you’ll just keep getting worse and then you’ll die. So we don’t really have a thought system of expecting a full healing or you’re released completely and totally.

Last night my husband and I were about to watch a video on the computer and the sound wasn’t very loud and he said, “Let me go get something that I can plug in to make the sound louder” and he plugged one thing in and it didn’t work. I thought okay well I guess it’s not going to work and he said, “Oh no no wait, I know what will work”, and he went out of the room again and he came back and he had so much certainty and I said, “This is going to work”? He said, “This one will definitely work”, and he’s unplugging the cord and he’s plugging it in and it worked perfectly.

He was able to turn the volume up on this thing and I said to him, “That’s how healing occurs”. You need that kind of certainty, there was no doubt in his mind. He knew that what he was about to do was definitely going to work, there was no doubt. There was only a certainty this one will work.

So to have that kind of expectation many of us do not come into healing with that kind of expectation. We just hope it will work. We hope the cancer will go away and we hope the pain will go away. We don’t actually think it will, we just think I have to live with this. We already have an entire belief system of living with these symptoms. We’ve just resigned ourselves to a life of pain. So what do you expect? Do you expect a healing.

I want to go through the steps that I gave last week, kind of a recap. First one is to list the symptoms. List your symptoms down on paper, this is only for you and then step two is to sit quietly into really ask within what is the message that this experience is trying to communicate to me. Really find out.

All symptoms serve to communicate imbalance, there’s a block there somewhere. There’s been stress, anxiety, fear and you have the ability to unblock this energy and direct the energy in new ways. You have the ability and the power to change your mind, you have the ability and the power to make me choices. Your natural state of being is perfect health.

In your natural state you are in touch with your inner voice, you’re in touch with your intuition, you’re centered, your balanced, you’re at peace and you’re listening to this voice and you’re following it and you’re being yourself. I talked a lot about this in episode two. Is you’re coming back to a state of being authentic and being happy like child’s.

The way that I see it is that all symptoms are blocked energy. So what you’re doing is you’re taking responsibility now for where you’ve been off balance. I absolutely love the responsibility for sight prayer in A Course in Miracles. I am responsible for what I see, I choose the feelings I experience and I decide upon the goal I would achieve and everything that seems to happen to me I have asked for and received as I have asked.

This is the reason why I truly do believe I gave you everything in episode two, because if you can start here and just simply take total responsibility for everything that seems to happen to you and make changes in your thinking, make changes in your emotions, choose new emotions, choose to live in gratitude, you will see change, you will see results but what typically happens is we have we have pain, we have some kind of a sickness, some kind of a disease and we don’t take responsibility for it. We just think this is happening to me. We believe that we’re victims of external circumstances.

We don’t recognize that whatever disease or sickness or pain that is occurring is coming from your own thinking. It’s a state of imbalance and so that’s very important to just say okay I caused this. I have done this to myself and it is this that I would undo and to not make yourself guilty for it don’t stay stuck there just to say okay, “I caused this, I am responsible for this, this is nothing more than a result of me living off balance separate from God, separate from myself, separate from others, and I’m taking total responsibility, I am responsible for what I see”.

Then the second part is I choose the feelings I experience, I choose that you’re not a victim. So when you’re in a space of pain you might think well I can’t choose to be happy. I’m in so much pain right. Now you can, you choose the feelings you want to experience, you are so powerful and you choose gratitude, you choose love, you choose appreciation.

I choose the feelings I experience and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. When I asked for you to do after you list your symptoms, after you really listen to what is the message that this experience is trying to communicate to you, then you decide on the changes that you’re going to make. You decide on the outcome and I want you to really be bold about this. If you have a tumor I want you to see the tumor gone. It’s gone, the cancer is gone, the pain is gone, your eyesight is perfect.

And so often we just think well it’s not actually going to be a physical healing it’s just going to be an emotional healing. That’s your belief then. So you actually don’t believe in physical healing, so now we’re back to what do you expect. So if you expect a total physical healing where whatever it is that’s the disease is gone, the symptoms are gone and you expect it and you’re not waiting for someone to do it for you, you are now making the decisions in your own mind. You are changing the way you think, the way you speak, you are changing your energy and you’re saying okay this can be done.

The reason you know it can be done is because others have done it and so I asked for you in episode two to write down your intended results, what does it look like when you’re totally totally healed? So maybe now you don’t move very quickly, you stay inside, you’re thinking of sickness all the time. In the healing you’re centered, you have a lot of energy, you’re balanced, your energy is flowing perfectly, you’re communicating, you’re authentic, you’re acknowledging your wholeness and you’re living from this place.

It looks a certain way. It feels a certain way and so healing is to step into that now. Just step into your healing and accept it. And that can feel very difficult when you’re experiencing pain but again you have the power and the ability to do this. I love how a course in miracles Jesus says healing is an ability that must be learnt. This is in chapter seven, it’s an ability. It’s like anything else.

So we’ve taught ourselves how to be bawdy, these how to be separate from others, we’ve lost our ability to create. So what you’re doing here is you’re looking at your belief system, what are you believing in and if you’re experiencing sickness there’s a belief in sickness and I love how Jesus and in the Course in Miracles talks about the collapse of time. That the time factor is up to you.

So many people just think I’m never going to experience a healing, so they never do and many people might think well, it will take two months or it will take six months or will take a year but it could take two hours, it could take two seconds, it could take just an instant. So I ask for you to not limit your healing by your own beliefs. Just do the work, the simplicity of the work is list the symptoms find out what these symptoms and this experience is trying to communicate to you.

Like I said all sickness to me is imbalance, you have not been being yourself. You’re coming now back to a state of wholeness where you are going to begin living authentically and for many people that is the scariest thing in the world to do. For many people the easiest thing in the world is to just keep being sick then you don’t have to show up in your life.

So now you’re making a decision. Are you ready to show up in a new way. So just really listen what is going on here, what is this symptom, this experience communicating to me. In my experience most symptoms are things that are kept inside. You’re not expressing yourself fully, you’re not showing up fully, you’re being the way you think other people think you should be and there’s a tremendous amount of healingness. Like if you start showing up authentically you may believe that you will be criticized, you’ll be told to be quiet, you may believe that you’re going to lose your job, your relationships. So we hold the light that we are with then with all these blocks and these obstacles. So it’s no wonder that there is sickness and now I ask for you to think of this as a new beginning for yourself. This is the place where we began and you choose to think and feel the thoughts that you want to think, the emotions that you want to experience you are the decider, you are the chooser no one else.

So this really is moving you out of a space of hoping for a miracle, you’re opening up a door for possibilities and then I ask for you to really look at what fear is there in showing up authentically. Are you ready to release the blockages? Are you ready to show up in a new way? I love that video online of that parachute or I’ve talked about this guy so many times but he was a military parachuter and he actually never went to war but part of his training was to jump out of planes and when he did that he completely wrecked his spine, he couldn’t walk at all. He had to crawl on the floor, he made a decision that he was done with that way of being. That he was going to show up in a new way and he was going to heal his spine.

He started so slowly, he tried to find yoga teachers to help him and nobody would help him because they said you’re beyond hope. And he found this one yoga instructor who agreed to work with him and all he did in the beginning was just start to move on the floor, he couldn’t walk, he couldn’t do anything and he shows his progress in this video online and he just never gave up. He showed up for those exercises every single day and he started to see improvement.

What often happens is when we wait for total healing in this instant and when we don’t get it we think oh well to me you really need to show up and start making changes now. Slight baby changes and to always be looking for the improvement. So often people they just, they’re all or nothing that’s my experience when I talk to people and that was me for a long time, very extremist it’s not happening.

I tried that and it didn’t work but if you really truly expect a healing and you expect change you will show up every single day and you will move in new ways, you will think in new ways. So this parachuter guy he is videotaping him moving on the floor and you’re seeing him get a little bit more strength. Every day he’s getting a little bit more strength and suddenly he is standing and then he’s doing headstands and in the beginning he couldn’t stand he kept falling.

He tried to stand and there was just no muscles in his legs or in his back and he would fall on the floor and he would get right back up and he just did this every single day and by the end of the video he’s running, so he got it. It’s a kind of video that will make you cry because it’s so simple, he wasn’t sitting in a chair waiting for some miraculous healing, he recognized okay I need to change the way that I have been showing up and most people who are sick are simply sitting in a chair feeling sorry for themselves. You have to stop that. You really have to say that is enough of that. I am done with feeling sorry for myself and you start where you are and you expect change to occur and don’t expect it overnight really just say okay I’m going to really begin it, this is my day, this is my new beginning and whatever it takes I’m going forward now.

And if you don’t see a total healing, you’re always looking for improvements that’s what I suggest because the mind is very much all or nothing. If it doesn’t see 100% improvement it just immediately gives up and says oh well it didn’t work. So what I ask of you is to expect to participate in the healing process, to decide on the changes that you are going to make and then make them. Start living from the place of healing, you’re no longer a victim, you’re no longer waiting, you’re no longer praying to God, You’re recognizing that your holiness is already here and that all you have to do is say okay I’m not dead, I’m not dead yet. I don’t care how close you are to death, if you’re listening to this audio you’re not dead.

Whatever state you’re in, that’s where you begin. I have a friend who’s has cancer of the uterus, she also has a failing liver and cirrhosis and she believes she’s going to die and so she’s in a nursing home now. She’s not old, she’s the most relaxed I’ve ever seen and she looks beautiful. She’s so clear I can tell her mind is and so at peace I really never seen of this clear before and she was laughing and she was so beautiful but she’s in a chair and she has a catheter. She can’t get up from the chair and walked to the bathroom. She’s prepared to die.

I think she’s ready to die actually, I think she’s wanting to go and that’s a big one because so often people who are sick don’t want to be healed, I ask you to look at that and so if you think you’re dying and you’re taking total responsibility for what seems to be happening to you, you don’t say I’m dying because that’s you being a victim and something’s just happening to you and you’re not the cause of it you would then change it to I’m killing myself, I want to go, I don’t want to be here, that’s taking total responsibility.

For many people that’s just a big step but that will be the change where you recognize okay, I really don’t want to be here anymore and then you can just relax. Now you can enjoy, now you can really say okay I’m done with this human experience. If you’re not done with this human experience and you want to have that kind of vitality and energy to bring back your enthusiasm and your joy and zest for life again then you must say that’s enough of that.

I asked my friend I said why can’t you walk to the bathroom and she doesn’t want the catheter she said. Oh my God I want this thing out I said, why don’t you take it out? And she says because I can’t walk to the bathroom. Do you see this is what we do, we just make a decision she’s already has her expectation in place that she’s never going to walk again. So she never will walk again but in a decision to walk again she would start developing those muscles in her leg again just from the chair you can start right from where you are to start lifting your legs up. Like if you did it right now when your listening to me.

You would see oh I feel my muscles, I feel my leg muscles, oh there they ar. You move your arms, oh my arm muscles. Oh look at that, you breathe in. You breathe in deeply and you feel you actually begin to feel yourself changing. You start to feel energy like, oh yes there it is and you make a decision that you are going to start moving in that direction of your healing.

I said to my friend why can’t they give you a walker, just lean on a walker and go to the bathroom and she said, oh I can’t. When I got home later that night I thought well she got from the bed to the chair so somewhere she does have the strength because if there was no possibility she would have been able to make it into the chair and again everyone has to decide for themselves what they want.

And that’s why I never interfere like I always have to hear someone say, I want to change, I want healing. This is why in the 40 day program for transformation and an online program that I created. People have to say yes before they get into the program it’s the same with all the programs that we have of the teachings of God foundation, that you have to want it, you have to say yes. I’m ready to change and then you come in because I’m not a magician and you’re not a magician but healing is totally natural.

I want you to experience it, I want you to really say that when you step into a new way of being and you just make a decision I am now going forward no looking back. Change begins to occur and then watch your mind when it slips back into feeling sorry for yourself again or feeling like this isn’t working.

I was talking in episode two of how for myself I had symptoms for six years since January 2012 of what the doctors said was autoimmune disease and I kept waiting for healing I kept saying I’m not ready to teach, I’m not ready to do videos, I’m not ready to do a radio show, I’m not ready to express myself because I have all these symptoms and I’ll do it later, I’ll do it later when all the symptoms go away.

My thought was is that when I’m healed I would teach others to heal, that I would create an online healing program and that I would inspire people to do this work, I would get all of the notes out of all of my journals and I would just start to give it, I would put it down in a way that was easily assessable, practical and simple and I would just encourage people to start showing up in a new way.

Right there is my treatment for healing. So I already had the vision for it, when I’m here old I will get my journals out of storage, I will start communicating this message to others, I will take the time to put these notes onto the computer, into a program. I just had a vision for it, and I knew okay then you have to step into that. This is how healing is accomplished, you’re not waiting anymore.

I asked for you to really have a vision for yourself and stop waiting, what would you be like when healing has occurred? And often I find that when there’s sickness or pain or disease or doing something you don’t really want to be doing. So find out what it is that you would love to do, really step into it and say okay I’m doing it. I’m not waiting anymore.

Do all those things on your bucket list. Whatever it is that you’ve had in mind that you want to do, start to do it now and just know that it’s your thoughts and your expectations that do the work and now you are collaborating and cooperating with it.

So just have fun with this, like really go okay, do I really want healing, do I really want to change, am I really ready to let go of my grievances and my judgments and how will I show up when healing has been accomplished? Admit that something has not been working and choose to change. That’s it, you choose to change, you are a creator, you are so powerful.

What does full recovery look like? And I want you to write it down. What will you be doing? What will you be like? What will you be saying, write it all down, put it on paper and then you go be it and then watch how the mind starts to say I can’t and this is the work. This is where you’re saying, yes I can. That’s why I love that video so much of that paratrooper because he really couldn’t move and he had not been able to move for a very long time and he said, yes I can, oh yes I can, I can lift my leg.

I have also a friend of mine who had an accident is kind of funny now that I know the outcome but at the time it was not a funny story. When he was 19, he’s he’s in his 60s now, he used to do bull riding in Texas and he was riding a bull. The bull somehow he got pulled off the bull and the bull pulled his arm off, like j=he ripped his arm off and he at the time didn’t want anyone’s help he was this real macho guy and his arm was hanging on by a thread.

He got off the bull, he left the ring. People were racing after him to help him and he just was like, I don’t need anyone’s help he didn’t realize his arm had been pulled off at this stage. They got him to the hospital and he said they wanted to just cut the arm off and throw it away and he was like, no way no way. You just so it back on, he didn’t care if it didn’t work, he just wanted that arm and so he made them sow it back on.

And he describes that there was zero feeling in the arm. No movement he just had it in a sling I guess and it just sat there lifeless and he had the thought or someone told him I don’t remember which but that if he put a little rubber ball in his hand and he started squeezing it that he would start rebuilding the muscles and this is just a beautiful thing because you start to really trust and feel excited about the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

So here he’s been told that arm is just never going to work and he said, oh yes it is. Somewhat back on and he said he sat in a chair and he just all day squeezed that little ball and he said at first for a long time there was no change whatever but it didn’t matter he kept squeezing that little rubber ball and he said all of a sudden he could feel his fingers or he could feel something.

And that was a state of improvement and he kept at it, he just kept at it and he started to notice that life was coming back into the arm. He’s now in his sixty’s, he has full use of the arm, he builds houses and buildings. He’s a general contractor and he has a whole team that works with him and for him and he sensed there still some pain there sometimes but he has full range of motion in that arm.

These are the stories and inspire me. Where can you begin? Where can you begin today and move in that direction where you’re moving out of that old way of being or you’re just being a victim and that you’ve resigned. That’s what healing is to me, it’s coming back into your aliveness and you’re saying okay, I’m just going to be making tiny little changes in the way that I show up and I’m going to be consistent about it, that’s it.

You just see the outcome, you just say okay this is just going to lay down and die anymore. Like I’m moving now in the direction of the improvement and all you’re doing is watching your thoughts, any feelings of fear, of guilt, of shame, of judgments, worry, depression, anxiety. These are just energy feels.

To me healing is where your of allowing the energy to start flowing, you’re starting to really step into whatever it is your function, your happiness, your joy, you’re being authentically you and your just allowing yourself to let the energy flow, you are no longer blocking it with your old beliefs, your all thoughts. You’re stepping into a new way of being and this is very scary for many people to step into this new state of being.

I invite you to do it. As always I invite you to get a copy of A Course in Miracles, it is an amazing mind training program where you’re training your mind in a systematic way to a new perception of everyone in everything and that’s what you’re doing here. You’re learning that healing is an ability and you have this ability, you have this power, you’re not alone, you’re coming back into the awareness of your own wholeness, your own happiness, your own joy, and you’re extending it.

And you’re just recognizing okay, I’m going to do all the things I wanted to do and I’m not going to do the things I don’t want to do. I think that’s important also. And so often we’re doing things because we think we have to, and we’re not expressing, I don’t like this, I don’t want to do this because we’re afraid of what will happen if we express authentically.

As you keep living in that way off center, off balance not expressing what you really want is you start to manifest physical symptoms and so this is a return to wholeness now, you’re returning now to a state where you are expressing. You’re just being you, for me that’s what true healing is. You’re being a happy child free, playful, joyful, loving and you’re receiving love and you’re watching for all the ways that you either push love away or you block it or you don’t give it, that’s it.

Now you’re cooperating and collaborating with the healing process. This is really the place where I really invite people to get rid of the idea of hoping for a miracle, wishing for a miracle, wanting a miracle, that’s all victim, that’s all being helpless, that’s all being weak, you’re waiting for the magic wand method and that will never work.

Now what you’re doing is you’re saying yes, I can absolutely see that I can do this, I can absolutely see that I could start moving in a new direction. You’re just allowing yourself to be patient and so again like why I love these stories and where they take time because so many of us just believe and instantaneous healing and I really truly do believe that it is because of some of the stories we’ve heard from Jesus from 2000 years ago where he healed the sick, raised the dead and mud on someone’s eyes and suddenly they could see perfectly and that’s possible.

A lot of people stop themselves because they don’t see instant results, they don’t see instant healing but as long as you’re just always moving forward and looking for the improvement and if you really just feel like it’s just getting worse that’s okay too. You’re like I’m still going forward, I’m not going to lay down and die anymore. Unless you want to, click if you want to I’m happy for you because that’s what you want and so now you’re just looking at it, like what is sickness serving for me. Maybe is serving something for you, where you don’t get to show up any more, you don’t have to.

You just get to stay home and no one bothers you and people take care of you and bring you food and love on you and some maybe it is what you want to just keep being that person who doesn’t have to do much. In the recognition that this is what you want, you will become very happy because you realize all whole I want this tumor, I want this sickness, I want this because now I get the love that I never knew how to get otherwise. But it also brings total responsibility to you where you can say okay, I don’t want that anymore. I can ask for what I want now.

I don’t have to be in a bed for people to give me love, I can ask for it now, I can give it and you start showing up in a whole new way. You say, I’m done with the old way.

So I really thank you for listening and I invite you to live these ideas. Use them, not much will change for you if you don’t do anything. If you just listen and say all this all sounds nice and this is why I encourage you to get the paper, get the pen, write down your symptom, listen to what these symptoms are telling you and make the changes in your thinking. You just move the channel and you say, I can, I definitely have this ability, I have the ability to live in joy, to live in love, to live in appreciation, to live in gratitude.

I can make small changes, I can move in new ways, yes I have that power, and you really just okay wow I’m here, I love that because now you will see changes and at the same time you probably will see things disrupting around you as you move out of that old space. Relationship start to fall away, you suddenly have no tolerance for all the things you’ve been tolerant for. That’s part of the healing. Give yourself the gift of healing, be patient and just begin. Really begin to look within your own mind to see what’s going on there, to see what you really want.

I’m so grateful for you being here and listening and I look forward to seeing you guys who will be attending out in San Francisco. My husband Bill and I are heading out to San Francisco California for the annual Course in Miracles Conference and if you are there please come find me I would love to give you a big kiss and a hug, very grateful and keep sending me messages, I’d love to hear from you. My email is Lisa@lisanatoli.com. You can post the comments in Sound Cloud. Thank you so much, I love you. This is the Lisa show, just do the work, you will see results.