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Jul 05, 2020


In this post is a video clip from the last June 2020 Healing Cure Zoom Call. Healing Cure Members meet once a month on Zoom through December 2020. We meet the last Wednesday of every month at 1pm EST – and we usually stay on the call for 90 minutes to two hours.

I have permission to publish this video publicly – and that makes me so happy – because it’s so good!!

it’s a reminder that you MUST deal with fear to get rid of fear.

you cannot just throw a positive affirmation on sickness and problems. That does not work (as you probably have already discovered). Using sentences from A Course in Miracles like “I’m a not a body” and “fear is not real” doesn’t work either. And you’ve probably figured that out too.

You must SEE every fear that is in you – and you must face it – and you must correct it with the truth. This is how you heal it. You face everything that scares you. That’s in this video.

I created The Healing Cure to find all the parts of A Course in Miracles that talk about healing – to highlight how to heal – what do we do – specifically! – how does it work? There are so many clear and simple practices in ACIM that POINT-BLANK tell us how we heal – it’s a very simple process – to catch all thoughts like “I’m weak. I’m frail. I’m afraid. I’m helpless” and to correct these thoughts with the truth. To replace body-identity thoughts with true thoughts about yourTrue Self.

In this video, I talk about my suggestion to heal fear is to blow up your fear to the worst case scenario. BLOW IT UP REAL BIG. Don’t try to get rid of fear – instead – actually face the worst possible thing that can happen to you. Go to the worst thing. Dying. Never healing. Being attacked. Being criticized. Failing. Losing your job. Not having money. Stand with the fear until you’re not afraid of it anymore. This is healing. 

My favorite part about The Healing Cure is the community.

Someone posts a question in the FB group and I don’t even have to answer it!! We’ve got a community of healers all encouraging each other – and I’m just watching it all in amazement, grateful to be a part of it.

I love you.

Remember what I always say like a broken record that skips: There is no need to suffer.

And I say it because it’s true.

All suffering and sickness is self-imposed and you can walk right out of it.



This is Sharayu – gorgeous inspiring beautiful Sharayu!!! I love her so much. I’m so happy I have permission to post this!

I sometimes – okay almost always! – want the whole world to see what I see behind the scenes. And now you get to see it.

People finding joy and freedom and aliveness.

Enjoy this video:

Sharayu could take over The Healing Cure as the teacher!! She’s so clear. And quite honestly: almost everyone in there could take it over!!! And that makes me sooooo happy!!!!! We’re all walking this path together. 
Here’s some of the messages Sharayu that she posted in The Healing Cure Facebook Group – a response to someone who asked a question. 

 I hear you! I’ve asked and posted similar questions. As someone prone to anxiety about health, physical symptoms & dying (I’m a single mom with a 13-year old daughter), nothing calmed my mind. So the answer is the mind.
After listening to old Healing Cure calls, reading others’ posts, a new process I’ve started to follow, which I didn’t earlier, is to be with the fear, instead of running away from it or chanting passages from the text or workbook, affirmation style which NEVER worked.

Now I just drop what I’m doing and sit down and become present with the fear: what’s coming up? What am I fearful of? Pain? Disease? Sickness? Physical symptoms? My daughter being alone? A loved one dying & me being alone? I let whatever comes up, come up. I notice a great anger sometimes like ‘Fuck you, how dare you!”. I let it come up. At some point, I notice I calm down, the mind is calm. THEN, truths will start to come up: these are not my real thoughts, the real thoughts are the ones I think with God, my Holiness envelops & blesses these thoughts & feelings (each one specifically), there is nothing to fear (since the mind is calm & the heart feels loving at this stage, I believe it too 😁). I consciously recall ACIM lessons, whichever feels right in the moment.

Then I check: what’s my location? If it’s peace & love, then I’m good. If there is still the faintest of anxiety or fear, I continue, remembering my Holiness.

The key change I made, which is helping me is 1. Be with the fears, let it all come up. 2. Start with ACIM exercises once I notice a degree of calmness or abatement in anxiety. Starting with saying I’m holy, I’m light while experiencing fear didn’t help me.
In another post, Laurie wrote about the Rumi poem ‘The Guesthouse’. I LOVE it & Lisa has commented on it too.

I’m sending you lots of love! 🤗💖


I’m happy that you found this useful. I’m learning from everyone’s experiences & there is tons of wisdom in the Healing Cure calls. I’m working my way through them. Much love to you! 💜


I actually feel very moved to read what you & Lisa Natoli said. Till a couple of months back I felt I wasn’t making any ‘progress’ since fear & anxiety continued to be a part of my life. Only after joining The Healing Cure, I am beginning to make peace with fear & anxiety. I have gained a lot of comfort & strength from listening to other HC members’ experiences & how they’re living their lives in freedom despite all forms of pain and have the courage to do this. I see myself in everyone! 💖💜💞


It keeps coming up again & again though. I’ve learned from your calls Lisa that each situation is an opportunity to meet the fears. I suppose it requires a great determination too.

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