ViDEO: How to heal, with a creativity exercise to find your purpose


Jan 02, 2019

Here is a video where I talk about healing, back in October 2018. 

The Healing Cure Program that I talk about in this video IS now available. For details, click this link:

Enjoy this video. My talk begin at the 12;36 minute mark. And the creativity exercise to find your purpose is at the 55 minute mark. 

Healing occurs when you identify with the Truth of what you are – you identify with your innocence, your holiness, the Love you Are – instead of identifying yourself with the body and with the image you made: weak, frail, limited, powerless, angry, guilty, confused, overwhelmed, fearful. 

There is no need to suffer. Today is the day you CAN DECIDE to stop wandering around in a vicious endless cycle of looking outside yourself for external solutions (that never work)

When you choose the strength of God in you AS WHAT YOU ARE instead of your perceived weaknesses, miracles occurs. Healing occurs. Pain, sickness and suffering disappear.

In healing, you recognize that you made an image of yourself (your body identity your story, your beliefs, your labels about yourself) and this is NOT who or what you are.

You are the light of the world with the ability to bring this light, peace and joy to everyone. You have the ability to see with VISION that you are joined with everyone, as one. You have the ability to let your past go. You have the ability to let other people off the hook.

You have the ability to wipe the slate clean: for yourself and for others.

In healing, you no longer keep the space between you and others left as unoccupied. This is the situation of the world. We keep the spaces between us unoccupied. And that’s just sad. That’s why everyone is depressed. They hold light and love inside, instead of sharing it.

You – the light of the world – have the ability and power to fill this space between you with love, kindness, peace, happiness. This makes you a healer.

Let’s rock this world with light and joy.

Let’s fill all the spaces between us with love.

When you meet someone today, fill the space with love. Look someone in the eye. Bless them with love, and see if you can bring a smile to their face.

This is just a much more interesting way to live life. It just it. Rather than being bored and sad and depressed, waiting for life to happen. You can go bring light to the world.

I was thinking about our cats Joy and Vanna. They are healers. They bring so much joy to me, just being themselves. They are available, present, happy, playful. They don’t “do” anything except love and that’s what is healing is. This is how you heal others. You be like the cat. Pure Presence. Pure Love. Open and Available. Snuggling up to someone, without knowing their story. Just loving them. No matter what they do.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxox That’s the simplified version of how healing works, but that’s it.

You are a healer when you bring light and happiness to someone else. And this light will heal you.



The Healing Cure 8-Week Program is NOW available!

Also: I am offering a 5-night healing retreat with me in Mexico in February 2019, which is almost completely booked. I have a couple more spots available. The approximate cost with room and meals for 5 nights is approximately $1500 (prices depend on if you have a shared room or a single room). Space is limited to between 20-25 people (maximum) which is great because it will be a very personal, intensive and intimate retreat for healing. If you are interested in attending, please send me an email. If you know of someone you want to go with and share a room with, please let me know. I’m trying to get shared rooms as much as possible for this retreat, because of the limited amount of space.

Also, Bill and I are walking the Camino again in June 2019 from Portugal to Spain, 130 miles. If you are interested in coming with us, please send me an email at

This is a personal trip and there will be NO teaching. We’re just doing the Camino for fun, and we invite you to join us.


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