Jun 12, 2020


Do you remember being a kid playing a game of make-pretend? Maybe it was hide-and-seek. Or dress-up.

You were with your friends and you created a game in which you entered “another world” to become something else.

Someone would say: “Okay you be ____ and I’ll be ____ .”

And you started playing.

And you would play for hours until someone’s mother yelled “DINNER!!” or your father yells “KIDS! COME HOME!” and the game would be over.

And maybe just the one person (who just got called to dinner or to come home) would leave the game, and the rest of you would continue to play the game.

But once you leave the game, the game is over for you.

Or maybe it’s not your parents who ended the game.

Maybe it was you.

Maybe the game suddenly got too mean, too violent, too stupid.

Maybe you just got bored and wanted to do something else.

And you suddenly said: I’m done. I’m not playing anymore.” and you walk away.

In any case, the game collapses and is over.

It’s only real while you play in it.

Sometimes, the other players don’t want you to leave the game – and they will try to talk you back into it, bully you, talk about you behind your back (because you left the game and they need you in it), blackmail you, threaten you.

Sometimes they try to sweet-talk you back into it. They offer you gifts if you play a little longer.

And “the other player” is usually LIFE ITSELF.

It calls us back into the game.

The news. A sickness. An unexpected event. A loss. Body pain.

And that’s precisely what goes on here in the world. We play a game of mistaken identity – the game of “I’m a body and you’re a body and we are separate from each other.”

And we think this game is VERY REAL.

In this GAME OF BODIES, we play that we are helpless, weak, in pain, sick, suffering, angry, fearful, guilty, powerless, treated unfairly.

We play that we are victims, that we can be hurt, that we can attack.

We play this game so well that we forget our True Identity.

We forget that we are powerful Beings of Light, one with each other, one with God, one with every living thing.

We forget our brilliance. We forget our holy heritage.

We forget that all power has been given to us in earth and Heaven to create like God.

We forget that we are whole, perfect, brilliant, creative, holy, innocent, powerful. We forget that we cannot suffer, we cannot be in pain, we cannot be sick and we cannot be in lack or limitation.

We forget perfect joy, perfect happiness, perfect peace.

So yes – the game of “I’m a body, in a world” is a game of forgetting.

Perhaps you are waiting for the world to tell you the game is over. Perhaps you are waiting for the media to report on it. Perhaps you waiting to “see what happens next.”

NOTHING HAPPENS NEXT – except that you decide you are done playing a game of being weak, powerless, frail, afraid, sick and scared.

You decide you are done playing the game of being a body, separate from other bodies, in which you hurt each other.


And keep in mind: when you stop playing the game – when you say I AM DONE WITH THIS GAME – you may be tempted to come back into the game.

I love in A Course in Miracles the part about when we get close to the light – we get sooooooooo close to remembering our true Identity – WE ARE RIGHT THERE ON THE BRINK – it’s one baby step away – the light is right here – and what do we do ????? WE RUSH BACK INTO DARKNESS.

This is the temptation you want to stay alert to.

Watch if you were “RIGHT THERE” – in joy, in gratitude, in appreciation, remembering Who You Really Are – pure light – and then the world or life or the media or other people called you back into darkness.

Recall moments in your life when you were “right there” in joy and something distracted you – called you back – and you wandered right back into the game.

DINNER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you leave the game, the game collapses.

This is in Chapter 1 of A Course in Miracles.

Your entire time-line collapses and disappears completely in a holy instant of light.

The game may continue – because others still want to play in it – but when you leave the game, it’s over for you.

You can either get called out of it or you can decide for yourself: I’m not playing this game of “I’m a body, separate from other bodies” anymore.

I’m not playing weak, frail, helpless, powerless.

and then it’s Game Over.

You are the light of the world.

There is no need to suffer.

It was just a game you played. You can walk right out of this game of death and come on home.



If you need additional support and encouragement, this is The Healing Cure. You make a decision to stop playing the game of being body that is sick and powerless, angry and upset. You stop denying your True Identity – and you accept your Self again as you were created, perfect, radiant, healed, holy, innocent, whole, one with everyone and everything.

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