Gifts in December


Dec 03, 2018


It’s December!

I love to spend the whole month of December gift giving and surprising people. 

Today, as my first Christmas gift to you, I want to show you the Power that is within you now.

I want you to see HOW POWERFUL you are. 

So often people take things totally for granted and act weak and frail and full of doubt.

And this becomes their “reality.” 

And yet, in you is the power to do whatever you put your mind to.

And to encourage you to “up your game” a little bit – to stretch yourself – to imagine even greater things and then do them, things that you thought were out of your reach, like healing or ending pain or sorrow or addition or a problems (or problems, plural).

I love A Course in Miracles because it says you will know this message is true as you “see all your problems disappear one by one.”

Okay. Here we go. You are about to see how powerful you are.

With your mind, find a door in the area you are in.

Okay. did you find a door? Yes. That was your first miracle. That is your mind’s ability to focus. You gave yourself a command and you accomplished it. You found a door.

It could be a bedroom door, an office door, a car door.

Now imagine yourself going through it.

Did you see yourself going through the door? Did you imagine it? Can you see yourself getting up from where you are and going through the door?

Do you think it’s possible to do that physically?

Yes? Do it.

No? Why not? What just happened?

One of a number of possibilities most likely occurred

A. You got up and walked through that door.
B. You got annoyed and said “this is stupid. I’m not doing what you say”
C. You are looking for the unsubscribe link to remove yourself from my mailing list
D. You thought: “I’ll do it later.”
E. Something else entirely occurred

This example might seem too simple or too basic, but this is how healing is accomplished. This is how pain is dissolved. This is how all problems are solved. It’s as simple as first seeing it in your mind, and then deciding if you are going to do it.

You will get to see all the resistance in you. You get to see your excuses, your annoyances, your grievances, your doubts.

Or you will just get up and do it. That simple.

The reason why some things are easy and other things impossible is because of RESISTANCE.

Without resistance, all things are easy and automatic.

With resistance and opposition, all things are impossible.

Most people don’t heal because they have put it in a category of “difficult” – they are resisting, fighting and opposing what would occur naturally if they just stayed open.

There is no order of difficulty in miracles and no order of difficulty in healing. If you can see it in your mind, you can accomplish it.

And now, the exciting part … the time factor is up to you.

You can do it now.

You can do it later.

You can do it never.

You can come up with excuses.

You can get annoyed and say this is stupid.

You can decide it’s too hard and you would rather just stay where you are and do nothing.

It takes energy, attention and focus to move your mind enough so that you see an effect in the physical.

Most people, sorry to say, are comfortable in their life with sickness and pain and discomfort. Sickness and limitation has become a way of life and changing is just way too scary. So no change occurs.

The other unfortunate thing (why people don’t heal) is that sickness comes with benefits. It comes with love, attention and often times: money from the government. It comes with days off from work. It comes with great parking spaces. It means you don’t really have to show up in life, which means no criticism from people, no judgments from others, no fear of expressing yourself. You can watch tv all day. You don’t have to do anything.

But ask yourself: Is this really want you want?

When you saw yourself go through through that door (in your mind), you actually went through that door. Now going through it physically should be fairly easy for you. Right?

All it would take is a simple command, something like: “If I really wanted to, I could walk through that door.”

And then you could prove it to yourself.

There is nothing stopping you, right?

But with healing, problems, addictions, pain, we make it into this big immovable mountain, impossible to move.

See yourself moving through it. See yourself on the other side of it. What are you doing, now that you are out this problem, this pain, this difficulty?

Can you see yourself as healed and whole, vibrant, radiant, free of this problem?

Can you see yourself out of the grievance? Overflowing with gratitude, enthusiasm, appreciation? Can you see yourself in harmony with the person you hate?

Can you go there in your mind?

Now can you go there physically? Can you go to that spot? Where you are relating to the person without your grievance? Where you are living life without limitation?

It’s just like this with the door. It’s identically the same. You will do it when you decide to do it.

You can go from “here” to “there” easily.

It’s not a big deal.

Unless you resist and fight and decide that you are not moving.

Today, I encourage you to prove to yourself how powerful you are.

Take a difficulty, and see yourself out of it.

Don’t think about how to get from “here” to “there”. It’s just like the door. When you see yourself walking through it, you will just walk through it. You don’t have to think about how to move your legs. You don’t have to think about to move across the floor. It just happens.

You have seen it in your mind, and the “doing” of it just happens. You think “I’m going through that door” and BOOM! You’re through the door.

Same with all healing. See it in your mind and BOOM. It’s done.

Today, find something you thought you couldn’t do because of sickness, pain or limitation.

See yourself doing it.

Now do it.

This is what Jesus means in A Course in Miracles when he says the time factor is up to us. You decide when the “miracle” occurs. It can happen in this instant, in the next hour. it can happen today or in the next two months, or in 2019, or never.

You decide.

Remember: You are unstoppable. You are powerful. You are strong. You are radiant.

You are pure light.

Whole, in perfect health.



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