VIDEO! Which is it? Nothing to heal? OR heal yourself and others? ACIM says it’s both!


Jul 18, 2019


I wrote a new blog this week over at the Teachers of God Foundation website.

And I also gave a  talk in the ACIM Friday morning group, and I posted the video recording here below.

So on this page is A VIDEO and A WRITTEN BLOG. Enjoy both. 

It’s a subject NEAR and DEAR to my heart … healing!

Also in this video I talk about Trump. I wasn’t planning on talking about him but it just came out because it turns out I’m like Trump: WITHOUT A FILTER!

Click here to watch the video (the first 10 minutes is announcements and meet and greet, which you can scroll through  if you want to get straight to the teaching):


Click here to read the blog:

Jesus in A Course in Miracles tell us “there is nothing to heal” while at the same time telling us we need to heal ourselves and heal others. HA.

So which is it?? To heal or not to heal??

I share my take on it. Click here to read it:

Also in this blog is an invitation to choose your Core Values and I share my own 4 Core Values – words I live by every day.

And finally: the age-old ACIM question: to go to the doctor or to NOT go to the doctor? To take the pill or to not take the pill. I cover that in this blog also.

Once you’ve read it, please join the conversation and leave a comment on the Teachers of God website.

Thousands of people travel through the Teachers of God website each week and read the comments and your voice and contribution is valuable. You never know who you will reach by sharing your own experience.

So have a look and join in.

I love you.


I say it over and over and over … you don’t have to suffer. Truly!! The world you think you see was invented by you and you can change your thoughts anytime you choose and BOOM the world you thought you saw disappears into the nothingness from which it came.

7 Responses to “VIDEO! Which is it? Nothing to heal? OR heal yourself and others? ACIM says it’s both!”

  1. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Jeanette – thank you for the comment! Just wanted to reply to let you know I have read and received it and appreciate you taking the time to post. I didn’t know what The Squad is and had to look it up. I appreciate whatever expression there is because like I said in my talk, it’s good when this stuff comes out of hiding so it can be seen and forgiven and healed with truth in our minds and that’s what are here to do. Forgiveness 70 times 7 times till every hand is joined in love. I love when I see myself “disappointed” because then I get to realize: oh there is one of my buttons that just got triggered. Awesome. I’m always happy to see what’s hidden under the hood, still lurking, waiting to be seen by me. All my love.

  2. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Adele – thank you so much for this comment. I am also a Trump supporter in the sense that I suppose everything. We are holding the truth in our minds consistently and its like A Course in Miracles that we either send out scavenger dogs to find and bring back to us all that someone is doing wrong OR we can send out the Christ to go find everything that is good and bring that back to us. All comments and thoughts that are anything other than love are pus, and it’s like Bill Free said during my talk that what Trump said out loud is privately thought by many, almost everyone. I’ve definitely had my moments – to this day – where I will privately judge someone or think of someone with less than total recognition of our oneness. Thank God for mind-training and catching these thoughts on the spot. So this is the work. And yes, healing is often messy and often doesn’t proceed in a straight line. I appreciate your dedication to turth Adele.

  3. Danusia Trevino says:

    This talk was wonderful. I loved especially your thoughts in Trump. It gave me a lot of peace . The entire talk inspired me. Thank you Lisa
    With gratitude

  4. Adele Bolitho says:

    Love this talk, Lisa. And your ability to zoom out in viewing all things, including Trump, makes you a true conduit. I am a Trump supporter. Saying so feels risky because Trump supporters are often attacked. The famous Squad harbor their own thoughts of separation. Their anti-Semitic comments can also be viewed as pus. Trump was elected for a reason. Maybe he is part of the healing process, which is always messy. As always, thank you for your honesty and devotion to the truth!

  5. William Dorman says:

    Im trying to be respectful and dont really want to comment on another countries politics guys. Theres enough poison in my own countries politics. 🇬🇧 my feeling is most of them are dishonest and self serving. Im trying to do the work on me and engage in a new system of thought. God bless marrianne williamson


  6. Margaret says:

    thxs Lisa on this talk…loved the ending regarding trump bc it came up in our class this week, such a treat to have understood the “play” there in our govt. our group felt this isn’t what ppl or news portrays but something much more an element of change…we felt thankfulness for this….and much felt for u all there!

  7. Jeanette T Knox says:

    As always I enjoyed the blog and video of July 19th. Disappointed that you brought politics/Trump into the talk. Perspective is an individual thing. I view “The Squad” as the subtle serpent who also needs to be forgiven for “they know what they do”.

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