VIDEO: Food does NOT heal you and does NOT make you sick.


Aug 21, 2019


Here is a video on a talk I gave on Friday, August 16, 2019:

The picture is blurry but the message and sound is CLEAR.

In this video, I talk about The Healer’s Mindset, about going beyond the body.

Do you get angry? 

Is angry a Healer’s Mindset? 

No. It’s not. 

A state of joy, gratitude, peace, enthusiasm and love is a Healer’s Mindset. 

I also spend the first 10 minutes of so talking about how food doesn’t heal you. There is a lot of talk in this world right now about how food makes you sick and how food heals you – and well – if that were true – then everyone who followed a clean raw whole food diet would be healed, but we know that’s not always the case. So, that needs to be looked at. I give a couple of examples in here of people who were healed of tumors and cancers without diet. What did they do exactly? In an instant of clarity, they knew the truth of their Identity as Love and Light, one with all.

For sure you can choose to eat healthy, but if you are afraid to eat a sandwich or a cookie, you want to look at that. You want to look at the fear. See it. The thought and belief that you are a body that needs is healing is precisely what needs healing – the body doesn’t need healing. The THOUGHT (that you think you are a body) is what needs to be seen, healed and corrected with truth.

Healing is a way to recognize what you have been doing – to see your anger, to see the extent of your hostility, blame, guilt, fear, judgement, comparisons, attack thoughts against yourself and others – and then realize this is NOT a Healer’s Mindset.

A Healers Mindset is one of joy and peace and certainty, a mind that has gone through the dark clouds of guilt and doubt straight onto the light of truth – which dispels the dark clouds – and all that remains is the remembrance of God.

And without guilt, sickness is impossible.

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And finally … I was required to get a new headshot photo taken of me this week for the Los Angeles 2020 conference which is next May – and I seriously DO NOT LIKE my photo taken – posing for the camera and all is just SO not my thing – but I did it and here you go! My close up. Taken by my awesome husband, Bill Free.

I love you.


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  1. patti-jo lennox says:

    Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for sharing this truth! Always and only, GUILT is the SOLE cause of all our pain, suffering, lack and sickness. Thank u for telling it like it is! Food is neutral. It does what we believe it will do. But it is the belief about the food, NOT the food itself, that gives us the experience of it. And even more to the root, the belief that we think we r a body as you stated. Thank u for returning us to sanity!! So we can heal for real and be done with guilt in all its forms once and for all. Amen sistah!!! Peace and much gratitude

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