Healing requires a change in direction


Jul 02, 2020


I am the happiest little clam ever off of Facebook, Instagram and social media!

I am LOVING it.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m a huge believer in direct experience and I knew I couldn’t just “think about” being off Facebook – I actually had to DO IT.

And so it is with a journey of healing and transformation. You can’t just think about it. You can’t just hope it happens. That doesn’t work like that, as you may have already discovered.

You actually have to do things differently. You have to take a new direction – away from body-identification. You must notice when you are stuck in routines and habits and your time-line – and then make a deliberate decision to identify with your True Self – keeping your focus on the truth of what you are – One with everyone and everything.


Connected with everyone and everything.

I love being off Facebook because I feel more connected than ever to you.

Away from the computer, I’m like: Okay, now what??

The whole world of people and bodies disappeared instantly – especially with the world still mostly shut down.

So I’m going outside, sitting in the sunshine, pulling weeds, feeling gratitude that I can reach you in my mind.

I’m not sure if you have been feeling it, but I have been blasting you Lisa with love and joy and the peace of God.

This is EASY TO DO because we share the same mind.

I have been loving on you big time, grateful that we are together.

Whatever difficulties you are going through, it’s all being taken care of.

The separation is OVER and the split mind has been healed – and it may seem to take a little bit of time for your perception to catch up with this fact.

Kind of like when you turn a hot oven off, it still seems hot for a while.

Healing and transformation is like that.

You are healed but you may still experience lingering symptoms or fear. Don’t worry about it. The oven has been turned off.

Trust that all pain and sickness is disappearing from your experience – and it happens “faster” when you keep your mind focused on the light in you, on truth.

I put “faster” in parentheses because time doesn’t exist. You are already healed so “faster” is a meaningless – but I say “faster” because often out of bad habits and habitual routines, we keep clinging to our stories, to our way of doing things and our way of seeing things.

But … in a moment … you can log right out of your story and suffering … as simply as I logged off Facebook and Instagram.

And BOOM – that routine ended in that same instant!

and YES – it was a little disorienting at first. I was so used to sitting in front of the computer all day long.

And so – it took a minute to allow something new to occur.

Today, Bill and I will be on the Living in Purpose Monthly Call at 3pm EST. I hope to see you there.

And also – two super great events happening NOW and TOMORROW.

David Fishman is the July 2020 in the Presenter’s Series.Details here:

Christina Courtney is my guest on TGF-TV on Friday, July 3, 2020 at 10:30am EST. Details here:

I love you.

Whatever healing you need, “bring it to me” in your mind and I am here for you – with you – and it is healed.

I guarantee it. The light that connects us as One is The Healer and The Great Physician Within – and when you ask for help and healing, you are answered immediately.

Do not be concerned with lingering symptoms. That’s just the old thought system disappearing.

I hope to see you today in Living in Purpose at 3pm EST – Bill and I are talking about “Living in Certainty” or tomorrow morning with Christina Courtney at 10:30am EST on TGF TV or in The Healing Cure.

You really are NOT alone.



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