Healing is an ability, as simple as plugging in a toaster.


May 01, 2019

Healing is an ability that CAN be learned. It’s not a big deal.

Come join me in England on May 17-19, 2019 in Solihull England.

In this short video I explain the importance – the necessity! – of PLUGGING IN in order to get a thing to work. You don’t expect a blowdryer, toaster, juicer, computer with no battery to start working all on its own. You don’t pray to God for these things to work. You just know they need to be plugged in. So simple. The problem is not with God and you are NOT being tested. If your unplugged blowdryer is not working, you don’t think ‘Oh, I am being tested.” NO. you plug it in. You don’t ask yoru friends to pray for you. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. So simple. And yet with heath, money, relationships we stay unplugged and then think there is a lesson in there for us. There’s not. PLUG IN. Get connected to the light and love you are, and watch how quickly you start working again. I love you.

I hope to see you in England. You can register here:

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