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Mar 31, 2020


I’m working on/writing a new free gift for my website – it’s called HOW TO CREATE AND HEAL ANYTHING. It’s going to be an audio with transcript with steps about “THE HOW-TO”.

I’ll be talking about it for the first time ever LIVE this coming Friday morning April 3rd at 10:30am EST on TGF-TV. 

I’ll be talking about this idea – HOW TO CREATE AND HEAL ANYTHING – and taking LIVE questions and comments – that you are always getting a picture of what you are BEING.

Here is a few things for now.

And if you don’t like the picture (of the world you think you see) the ONLY way out is to change how you feel – to change your perception and state of mind.


Most people right now are consciously (and unconsciously) being afraid and worried, they are BEING in lack and limitation and ASKING for the situation to change.

The situation doesn’t change with your words, it changes from YOU moving into a new state of being – it changes when you CONSCIOUSLY and DELIBERATELY and INTENTIONALLY move out of fear – into … well … whatever you want.

Peace, joy, love, abundance, happiness, health, healing.

This is why when you are conscious of being poor and you ask for wealth – your “prayers are not answered” (seemingly) because what is being answered is your state of being – so actually YOU are getting what you are “asking” for – your prayers ARE being answered – you are asking to be poor because that is what you are being – AND VOILA! You get exactly what you “asked’ for. – what you are being.

This is The Healing Cure: my 8-week online program for True Healing

This is the prodigal son story – we wandered away from our inheritance – into darkness, confusion, suffering, sorrow – and now all we have to do is TURN AROUND and CHANGE DIRECTION … and GO THE OTHER WAY … back home! 

So simple. 

If you are conscious of being sick and you ask for health – you keep getting what you ARE BEING – sick. You don’t get what you “ask” for with thoughts and words – you get what you are being, you get what you are feeling.

You get MORE of where you are abiding.

A tough pill to swallow, but do you have anything to lose by experimenting with this idea????? 

I love how one week ago, the reports were that 2 million people were going to die and now the estimate is 200,000. The picture (of the world you think you see) changes as you move out of worry and fear and BE the state of mind you IMAGINE and VISION.

Pick up your bed and walk. Walk right out of fear. Walk out of being a victim. Walk out of worry.

Walk out of blame, guilt and poverty. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING.

It doesn’t matter if you are not working right now – you still have everything.

You have light, joy, peace and the gift of your presence. You can call someone on the phone. You can reach out. You can extend light and love 

I see a world of possibility. I see a world of people relaxing, sharing, giving, being helpful. I see a whole new opportunity for a whole new way of being in the world. I see only love.

I see only friends and family and community and a brand new beginning for EVERYONE in the whole world.

I see that everyone knows their own natural ability to heal – and is using it!



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