New Video: “Holding the Light” with Lisa Natoli


Sep 15, 2018


Here is a new video from the Friday, September 14, 2018 ACIM Morning Class. 

I talk about stepping back and letting the light lead the way, letting the light lead YOU. 

This video is the entire one hour and 15 minutes with announcements and meet and greet. If you want to go directly to the teaching, you can scroll through the video to the 21 minute mark. 

Keep in mind if you have never been to one of our ACIM Friday Morning classes (every Friday at 10:30am), you may want to watch from the beginning. It’s a party. Also in the announcements are some up-coming things that we have not announced anywhere else. But it’s here in this video: 


One Response to “New Video: “Holding the Light” with Lisa Natoli”

  1. Lisa says:

    Dear Lisa
    I have been listening to you for many years…and I really felt moved to leave a message..I loved this message of holding the light. I wish I could hold the light all the time I keep sliding back into the stressful moments of life ….I appreciate all that you and the teachers of god do, the videos and blogs and classes are absolutely awesome 👏 thank you so much
    Love you lisa

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